FIFA 18 on Switch has Outsold the PS4 Version in Japan

Surprisingly, the Switch version of FIFA 18 has sold better than the PS4 version in Japan. Why?

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Moonman35d ago

The success stories just don't quit for Switch. Just wait till a Final Fantasy or Monster Hunter releases on

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thesoftware73035d ago

I Know, its simply amazing.

A big problem the Big N had, was long droughts of news, not this time around, they seemed to have found a great pattern for keeping a steady flow of information coming. between the Directs, news like Labo, and constant 1st and 3rd party game announcements I am reminded of the SNES days.

Now Lets hope EA actually put some effort into the Switch ports or better yet, optimize the Frostbite engine to run on the Switch!

Neonridr35d ago

@justforgames - you think Capcom is just abandoning Nintendo and not planning another MH entry for them? That's cute..

jadedlove9235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

That's funny.. Capcom is not gonna abandon Nin just like that.. If anything, I could see them planning their own mon hun just for switch or maybe eventually have a new multiplat mon hun (while they were using the ps4/XBOX/PC as a way of gaging the appeal of the series as a whole)

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gangsta_red35d ago

Another prediction of a certain person who was wrong as usual.

ZeekQuattro35d ago

Well that's crazy to think about. EA should be pleased with that especially since less effort was put into the Switch version to begin with.

Sgt_Slaughter35d ago

It's EA. They're never happy with anything, especially when it comes to Nintendo. They still have doubts about the system despite a whole year of success and popularity. I'd hope they would have started full support at this point but it's four consoles in a row they've done this with so not holding my breath.

thesoftware73035d ago

I think its only a matter of time now, I believe the game 'Fe' will also sell the best or well on the Switch and then they wont be able to ignore it anymore.

Kun_ADR35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

It seems like Edmix has been missing for a few days now. Would love to see his reaction on this.

septemberindecember35d ago

Don’t mention his name...lest the wall of text shall rain down upon us!

Imalwaysright35d ago

Oh he/she/it is here. Just with a different account.

Neonridr35d ago

he who shall not be named..

gangsta_red34d ago

"Would love to see his reaction on this"

8 Paragraphs of nonsense, followed by talking about Call of Duty which would transition into answering his own questions that no one asked and would end with a bunch of 'lol' emojis that only he would understand why they were left there in the first place.

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Silly gameAr35d ago

Really? I don't know rather to laugh or..nah I think I'll just laugh.

Gemmol35d ago

Sony never lost in fifa sales in Japan even with 3ds or DS versions, so for the switch to break the trend it is amazing

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The story is too old to be commented.