Kombo TGS 2008: Ninja Blade Preview

Kombo writes: "This game was playable for the first time ever at this year's Tokyo Game Show and I was curious to know how good it was to play.

The demo opens with a shrouded ninja falling from the sky, garbed in a face mask and cloak. As he falls to the urban metropolis below, he cuts and slashes monster-like enemies in the air before landing on the top of a skyscraper. These events are put in motion via QTE and the player must press a few buttons at certain times to allow this scene to happen. He defeats a large beast and zip-wires down to a lower skyscraper, again by QTE. The player is now in control of the hooded character and a handful of monsters run towards him. X controls melee weapons and Y deals a more powerful attack. B is responsible for ranged magic damage (of which there are three types) and A is jump."

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fufotrufo3566d ago

"This should turn out to be a solid fighting game, possibly in the same league as Devil May Cry. For the time being, I would like more time with the game before drawing any lasting conclusions. "


Silogon3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

I don't know why everyone likes or thinks DMC is up on some unatainable pedistal. It's not the good. Ninja Ggaiden and God of War are much, much, much better. Hell, Ghost rider was better than DMC.

this game seems interesting but I'd like to see them get the Westwood College kids to tighten up the graphics a little bit. They know how to tighten up graphics. It's what they do best.

TheColbertinator3566d ago

Anyone get the feeling that this game and Demons Soul will be average.I mean From Software has not ever made great titles.I hope these games turn out good but I guess I'm just paranoid DX

Silogon3566d ago

Demon's Soul had a frame rate of about 6. It was just, wow! I've made flip animation books with more fluid motion than that game has.

fufotrufo3566d ago

Umm ..Otogi is really good

TheColbertinator3566d ago

Otogi...yeah it was good but not great.I don't know.The least I hope for these two exclusives is an 8.5.I'm not a big fan of exclusive flops on any system.

Master Debater3566d ago

It'd be a catastrophe if this flopped, people would bring up Too Human and Ninja Blade every second someone mentions Haze and Lair.

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felidae3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

this game looks like a Ninja Gaiden ripoff and totally boring.


ericnellie3566d ago

You don't even own a 360 - you've been bashing 360 games since the beginning of time;) You're a rip-off IMO!!

lowcarb3566d ago

Well it looks a lot better then demon soul and much more fun then lbp. This game is more like Shinobi/NG which is a good recipe from the look of things. I know your comment is just pay back from 360 fans hating on PS3 games but I guess we will just keep it going.

3566d ago
gano3566d ago

It's actually pretty hot, it has alot of potential.

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