Ubisoft: "PC is lead platform for innovation", "more & more people realize how superior PC can be"

Ubisoft concluded that it loves PC, so it will be interesting to see what the company will do with its future PC releases.

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JaguarEvolved334d ago

I thought the Xbox one x was the lead platform for innovation and more people realize how superior Xbox one x is over every other gaming platform. Xbox one x can do true 4k so it's amazing. Sarcasm

DwightSchrute01334d ago

No that's the ps4 best console ever, even makes you breakfast, it also knows how to drive so it can take you to and from work.

Eonjay333d ago

That mostly just fanboys either way. The truth is the two midgen consoles have CPUs that really limit their fire power compared their PC counterparts. And they aren't supposed to have super expensive componets. They are supposed to be devices that allow you to play games without the heavy investment that a PC can require. The question is what is worth it to you. I mean the base consoles and the Switch are obvious better propositions to even the Pro and X for most gamers.

Tko1111333d ago

Xbox is a platform that can be found on pc and console

ProjectVulcan333d ago

Anyone that considers themselves to be a serious gamer and considers it as one of their main hobbies/passions should buy and own a good gaming PC.

It is like people that love cars and only aspire to own a diesel hatchback. I would argue you probably don't love them that much then.

If you really love cars you'll at least try and own a vehicle at some point in your life that can fulfill your love for entertaining cars. Even if it costs more than you would like, you tend to stretch to get it!

PC is the same. It's definitely worth it.

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Cyborgg334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Of course!! Facts !! Can't wait for the new GPUs

Cobra951334d ago

I can't wait to be able to afford even the current GPUs. Have you seen the insanity on pricing lately? Sometimes you're better off buying a whole prebuilt system with a card you want, even if you're just going to pull the card out of it and stick it into your build. It's downright loopy.

EatCrow333d ago

Theres been a recent surge in prices due to cryptocurrency crap I believe.

Its better to wait right now then to spend the money on a new gpu.

Krysis333d ago

@eatcrow I have a friend that confirms this. He said he could sell his 1080ti right now used for $300 more than he paid for it new.

FlameBaitGod333d ago

Ram and GPU is twice the price it normally is because of mining and short supply which sucks ass.

crazychris4124334d ago

Just sucks that right now the GPU and RAM prices have exploded. Mining has driven prices to rise by as much as double or even triple for GPUs. People are selling Vega 64 for over $1200 when they retail for $600. My 390 which I bought 3 years ago for $300 is now worth more than $400. RAM is crazy too due to a RAM 'shortage'. I bought 32 GB DDR4 RAM for $160 3 years ago, same exact RAM is now worth $400. Used to be that building your PC was cheaper but its now pre built that is cheaper. I was planning on waiting until Black Friday to upgrade GPU but looks like I have to next GPU at launch just to avoid markups.

Fishy Fingers334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

AMD perhaps but NVIDIA cards are available at RRP (which are better performing in games anyway), but yeah RAM shortages have been a b****, used to be a dead cheap component for a quick upgrade but not anymore with everyone after DDR4.

I’d still argue it’s cheaper to build your own and hand pick your parts though, especially if you’re willing to do some searching around for deals and building yourself is an enjoyable process (if you like that sort of thing).

quent334d ago

Nope, we are fkd on both fronts, all we can do is pray for some form of government self regulation when it comes to this cryptocancer bs, gpu prices have never been this bad, the gtx 1060 for example is selling for almost triple its original price

Seafort334d ago

AMD and nvidia card prices are sky high atm. There was an article on the cryptocurrency BS on PC Gamer and what it's doing to the price of components currently.

Not the best time to think about upgrading your PC.

fiveby9334d ago

Wow that's crazy that part prices are so high. I upgraded to a ASUS 1080Ti STRIX card in 2017 and now that same card at newegg is more than twice the price I paid less than 1 year ago.

starchild334d ago

Yeah, hopefully this madness will end soon. It's crazy to think that I got my MSI GTX 1070 for only $370, but lately the prices are way above that.

bluefox755333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Same, I bought a RX 480 for the purpose of mining on my old PC. This was before it really exploded in popularity, I paid $200 for it. 6 months later they were all out of stock, and people were selling them for $400-$500. Maybe I'm missing something, but increased demand should be a good thing. I'm sure it caught the manufacturers off guard at first, but hasn't enough time passed to where they can increase production to meet demand? Which would stabilize the prices, no? I fail to see how crypto mining is to "blame" for this. That would be like blaming the Switch shortage on consumer demand. Yeah, it sucked at first, but Nintendo sorted it out. I don't see why GPU makers can't do the same.

TankCrossing333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

The problem is the supposed volatility of the cryptocurrencies, and the lead time in ramping up production of GPUs.

I've seen it stated that if a decision is made to increase production of a particular GPU, it'd be at least 3 months (potentially a lot longer) and a heap of expense to ramp up production. If the mining bubble bursts in that time then it would be a very costly mistake.

windblowsagain334d ago

I want a major upgrade to what we have now.

There needs to be more focus on simulation, physics etc.

Then more ram for x2-4 ultra textures.

MrVux000334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Actions speak louder than words Ubisoft.

Diffraction_Fos334d ago

Agreed. They're probably buttering us up for the exclusive delay of their next multiplat game on PC while other platforms get their release on time. Whatever the case, we'll be getting another bug-ridden, poorly-optimized crap of a console port.

Ubisoft haven't cared about PC for a very very long time. I have absolutely zero belief in this sudden change of heart. They can go fuck themselves.

MrVux000333d ago

Badly optimized ports aside, my real issue is that the overall quality of Ubisoft games has dropped into gutter after AC:Brotherhood. Black Flag gave me some hope with its gameplay, but i simply can't compare it to the story of Ezio trilogy. That ofc includes other IP-s published/made by Ubisoft.

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