Kombo TGS 2008: Resistance 2 Preview

Kombo writes: "There was a long wait time to play Resistance 2, which unfortunately turned out to be wasted time. I liked the original and am a big fan of the storyline and concept but my first impressions of number 2 are not good. The graphics are of Halo 3 standard at their very best and of Halo 2 at their worst. I experienced a wall jutting out awkwardly from the side of a spider mech's leg, some horrible rough texturing and some very pixelated fireballs/bullets. Okay, I do sound a tad harsh and a game is about gameplay and not visuals so I will explain my experience with the demo."

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Silogon3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Like anyone cares what these idiots think. They, to me, are of the Kotaku variety. I've seen Resistance 2 up close and personal and I've beat Halo 3, to even compare the 2 is an incredible stretch of the imagination.

I'm guessing Kombo's head was dizzy and a little weary from the Microsoft shaft thrustin' they recieved in their mouth. & if it was the longest line at a "TGS" then that speaks volumes, cause the Japanese hate FPS and would never give Halo that treatment.

Lanoire3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

We have seen R2 videos. Numerous. Even gameplay videos.

They all look gorgeous which proves that the pictures released are not bullshots unlike what Epic does.

We have seen IGN, 1UP, and others all say it looks GREAT.
There is also a beta running and people playing the beta are saying its absolutely ROCKS (both gameplay and graphics).

Kombo are idiots to contradict. This isnt January 2008 where information about Resistance 2 is scarce and noone knows anything about it. We just had a massive R2 blowout last month. The videos and pics dont lie.

Montrealien3567d ago

Kombo have a right to their Opinion, even though I don;t agree with them. No need to be name calling in the gamer zone. RE2 is a day one purchase for me no matter what.

Lanoire3567d ago

Calling them "idiots" is also my opinion. I did not offend anyone here and did not call people names here.


unless, of course, you feel offended!

Montrealien3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

So you don't agree with their opinion, that's fair. No need to get all mad about it, just don't go to their site. I don't agree with their overly harsh preview, I am a firm believer that preview should be closer to overviews of what they played, but I wont get all mad about it. I didn'y even go to the site, it is clear flamebate. And as stated in a comment below, they do praise LBP and Motorstorm 2, where they Idiots then?

twoface3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

look at their preview of other exclusives ninja blade and SO4.
Look at their statement in this R2 preview with this quote "The graphics are of Halo 3 standard at their very best and of Halo 2 at their worst".

Think. Don't blindly defend. Acting like this is much more irritating than a fanboy. At least they are honest about their feelings, whereas some others act all righteous in this site to mask their true crappy selves. Shame! And i say again - idiots

Tarasque3567d ago

I can't believe you are going to sit there and make this quote. "They all look gorgeous which proves that the pictures released are not bullshots unlike what Epic does." Seriously you have the completely backwards. And IMO i have always thought with the videos i have seen RES 2 is average at best in the graphics department. But that is my opinion and please don't get mad and call me an idiot cause i have a opinion.

Kleptic3566d ago

it was a loaded article...without question...

the guy's opinion is one is saying the game is poised to set any visual standards (after all, killzone 2 is set to do that in spades)...its set to be an incredible jump in tech from the first game, of which it has easily done visually and gameplay wise...

but his comparison to Halo 3 is such a blatant attempt at fueling arguments between fanboys its pathetic...then to have the author go into his own comment section and start calling everyone 'idiots' is beyond ridiculous...

we've seen the videos of the exact level he is talking is a huge improvement over the first one...and the first Resistance was easily as good looking as Halo 3...which is not a compliment to either game...they both lacked in major areas (resistance in lighting...halo 3 in character models...and both in animation)...I haven't seen enough up close looks at the particle effects, but do admit they weren't anything spectacular (as mentioned before, Killzone 2 is making every game look like pile in that its a tough playing field right now)...

again...its not the best looking game...but to say its halo 2 at times is just blatant hit-seeking journalism on every level...all the credible media sources have said it looks great compared to the first, which is all fans of the series are worried about...


WOW... THE MOST OVERRATED GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD FOR GEARS OF WAR 2!!!!!!!

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sonarus3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Resistance 2 doesn't look all that great. The problem comes from using the Ratchet and Clank engine. That engine simply isn't capable of rendering the kind of realism a game like resistance requires. They need to adjust the engine for both games and to do that they will probably need a bit of time.

That being said LOL @comparing R2 graphics 2 Halo 3. If it truly is Halo 3 graphics then i will play the game in tears:(. Halo has great art style and all that but if you compare the two graphically R2 clearly tops it.

beavis4play3567d ago

ted price said (in an interview a couple weeks ago) that they aren't trying to create "realism" in the games they make. i wasn't aware realism = good looking game?

CrippleH3567d ago

The author seems blind.

He thinks Resistance 2 graphics = HALO 3!

Kombo = no more hits from me with their bs.

Montrealien3567d ago

god forbid some one says something you don't agree with. lol

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Diamondwolf3567d ago

The Game does start off in Iceland

Other than that, The preview is his opinion and if someone can praise a game in a preview, then someone else should be able to do the opposite. Still a day 1 for me and no preview/review (aka someone else's opinion) is going to change my mind.

Tarasque3567d ago

It is really sad that you are such....hmmmmm what word am i looking for. Well i won't say it, but if you are such a fanboy and you go to lengths with avatar and such. You really to take a break for while or maybe get some professional help. All joking aside i am serious.

tk3567d ago

Good analysis there bud. This article decided that R2 had to be downplayed before they started writing. The contradictions is just wildly stupid...

It is strange that the style the article was written. Not about reviewing R2 - from the start it was clear that it is a R2 bashing - in the opening statement. Not the "Let us find out how it plays" - straight into "it is a waste of time". Asif the author was afraid that he would not get the message through.

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Omega43567d ago

"The graphics are of Halo 3 standard at their very best and of Halo 2 at their worst"

That Halo 2 comment is quite worrying and odd, especially when so many fans of the series want the graphics to be at least as good as Gears of War 1

I still dont see what R2 has in singleplayer which makes it stand out from other FPS

Silogon3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

1up, Ign and even Joystick have all said Resistance 2's graphics are incredible. I've played the damn Multiplayer and it's better looking than Halo 3's sp, experience. Resistance 2's graphics are much better than the 1st, which was about on par with Halo3's.

I'm just speaking in absolutes and facts, as I always do.

Halo3Mgs43567d ago

halo2 will always be better than 3 don't know why people keep saying halo3 is was better than2

Firstkn1ghT3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Uuuuuum no, Halo 3 is better than Halo 2. I challenge you to tell me why it's not.

micro_invader3567d ago

Well, one thing it has is a vast amount of weapons you can choose from. Also, huge bosses.

Omega43567d ago

Most FPS have loads of weapons to choose from in fact i think Crysis actually allows you to customize your weapons so that isnt too unique

As for huge bosses Halo 3 your had to take down scarabs which were pretty big, and what i've seen so far with that huge boss in R2 looks mostly scripted which isnt fun or innovative

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n4gzz3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

But Halo 3 is best rated game on 360 exclusive.
I will be enjoying this game anyway. In fact, can't wait to blast some chimera.

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