Minecraft boss is now in charge of all Xbox game efforts

Microsoft has promoted Matt Booty, a leader in the Minecraft games business, as corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios, making him the top game executive reporting to his boss, Phil Spencer, executive vice president for games.

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gangsta_red63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

You just know this man was the king of cappin in school.

On topic, it seems like MS is shaking things up and getting some type of movement with their games. This, the Fable rumor which is turning out to have some pretty credible sources as being true, plus the other rumors.

Only time will tell though.

lxeasy63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Yeah although it took them a long time I'm glad they are implementing these changes now. Now that Microsoft see's the potential of Xbox lets see what the next couple years brings us.

darthv7262d ago

with a name like booty he seems to be a good fit for Sea of Thieves.


(i'll see myself out)

threefootwang62d ago

I've been saying it for ages. Change is coming. Good change.

Looking forward to see what they've got planned up there sleeve

sinspirit62d ago


MS has been saying it for ages..

Real_Raw_Gamers62d ago

Not really sure it took them a long time? I mean right from go they had Zoo Tycoon, Killer Instinct, Forza 5, Ryse: Son Of Rome and Dead Rising 3. Followed closely by Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Master Chief Collection, Forza Horizon 2. I mean 2017 was a lackluster year for certain, but they still managed quite the variety with Halo Wars 2, Forza 7, Cuphead, Super Lucky's Tale and PUBG. And going into 2018 with Sea Of Thieves, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2 before E3 even comes around is a solid start.

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Septic63d ago

Yeah I'm sensing some real positive moves now from Xbox. Should have been done ages ago but the dropkick to the face it got this gen from Sony really seems to have made some positive changes

TFJWM62d ago

So someone who pushes getting his game on every single platform it can run on is the right move for MS Studios...

Septic62d ago

Not just that, all the internal game studio heads have also vouched for this guy.

62d ago
Obscure_Observer62d ago


Minecraft was a multiplat game way before microsoft bough it. Stop talking nonsense!

TFJWM62d ago

@Obscure_Observer Ya your point? His expertise is making and marketing a gaas and the biggest multiplat game ever. Did he do a good job at that? Yes amazing job but this job assignment shows how important that GaaS is to MS which I am not sure how anyone can see as a good thing...

ImGumbyDammit61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@Obscure_Observer I will ask you the same thing, your point? Minecraft is not GAAS, at least no more than any other game. Do you even know what GAAS is? I would think PS owners would be the ones worried about GAAS as the focus of Sony. It is a fact that the new SIE CEO, John Kodera, is all GAAS, 24/7. He is the father of PSNow. He was the exec that was in charge of PSMusic and PSVideo and many there online services. He has been in charge of either Sony proper or PS networking services since the 90's. Prior to his new role he is on record talking positively about the future micro transactions. Now tell us again who has an online (pay to play) services specialist actually in charge of their console company? It is definitely not the Xbox leadership.

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Obscure_Observer62d ago


Hell yeah, definelly good news for all Xbox fans.

TheCommentator62d ago

Now MS needs to get their (Matt) Booty in high gear and pump out the variety and quantity they so desperately need to gain mass market appeal!

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DeadSilence62d ago

Best buy luck to him, a strong Xbox is good for the industry.

SolidGear362d ago

Just like a strong booty.. you need one for when they bend you over to get all the money they can out of you for MT's and GaaS! O_O

alb189962d ago

If he went to school with this family name an is alive, he will be fine.

CaptainObvious87861d ago

I vehemently disagree. As much as ninty annoys me in certain aspects I would still agree a strong ninty and of course a strong sony is good for the industry. But MS? Definitely not.

When ms thought they were the top dogs what did they give you? A weak xbone with forced kinect and more importantly, forced DRM that prevented used sales. And if I need to tell you why ms having the monopoly on games and setting any price they want is a bad thing, then you should stop reading.

And now every single one of there games is focused around GaaS, having recurring purchases built into the core of their exclusives.

A strong xbox is very very bad for the industry.

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Automatic7962d ago

Congratulations Matt, please make Phil proud. I really love how MS is shaking things up and focusing on games.

FreddyFazbear62d ago

How is MS shaking things up?? I agree if shaking things up in their dept by promoting and changing their employees. But games. Please dont fool yourself. Even MS is quiet about their 2017.

shuvam0962d ago

Whats going on lol...

TheUndertaker8562d ago

Why should MS be talking about 2017 when we're now in 2018?

TheCommentator62d ago

@ TheUndertaker85

I'd be really impressed if MS could shake up 2017 with any 2018 announcements.

AngelicIceDiamond62d ago

@Freddy Playground games is said to be making Fable 4. Perfect Dark (which is rumored to be made by Coalition or some other studio), an new Mech Warrior. That's excluding Halo 6 having a rather large MP and a new Forza game, well, obviously.

These are all rumors of course. From past experience whenever MS has these rumors early on they usually seem to hold some weight. Remember Scalebound rumor of its cancellation? It was a sad year for MS, games wise last year.

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