IGN TGS 2008: FIFA Online 2 Preview

IGN writes: "It's too bad FIFA Online 2 is never coming to North America, as it seems like it something that might be able to catch on. The concept's pretty simple. It's FIFA, but it's a free-to-play PC version. You compete in matches online or against and AI and with each match watch as you amass experience for your players and they all level up. It's also possible to win items from matches, such as performance enhancing water bottles, make a host of managerial decisions such as trading players online, and tinker with your team's setup in a bunch of other ways we can't really describe because the game's text wasn't in English.

According to a representative at the Electronic Arts booth the game's already out in South Korea and coming to Japan, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. The game plays much like you'd expect a FIFA game to with controls for player switching, short and long passing, shooting, and slide tackling. Though it's probably best to use a gamepad for it, the kiosk had a keyboard hooked up. Arrow keys controlled player movement and the WASD keys controlled all the pass and shoot functionality."

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