War Thunder Dev On Xbox One X: Native 4K Resolution Not Always Required For Better Picture

When it comes to War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment has worked on a number of platformers throughout the years. Its free to pay MMO, which combines aerial warfare with armoured battles and naval combat, is available on PS4, PC, Linux and Android. However, it will be making the leap to the Xbox One in the near future and that means support for the Xbox One X as well.

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theXtReMe1332d ago

Agreed. 4K alone does not make a great picture. The texture resolution, anisotropic filtering, AA, draw distance, LOD, lighting and shadowing all come together to make a cohesive visual experience. If you look at any game that just increases screen resolution, without anything else, it only makes the lesser effects and textures stand out like a sore thumb. Id rather have a developer, if confined by hardware, lower the screen resolution to 1800p and add higher resolution textures and effects to match... Which blends to make an overall better picture than bumping up to 4K with nothing else.

There is always going to be some sort of trade-off between resolution and effects, though looking at some of the X games like Forza Horizon 3... its lessening. Yes, 60fps would be the optimal goal with everything else in tact, but that is for next gen. With the hardware at hand, they made the perfect trade-off to achieve incredible visuals at native 4K w/ HDR. Im hoping Gaijin can do the same with War Thunder. I really enjoyed the game on the Pro, and it looked nice with the its patch. Id like to see HDR, high resolution textures, 16x AF, extended draw distance, more detailed objects and better LOD. It would also be nice to be able to choose between 4K or 2K @ 60fps with some, if not all, of the effects bumps in tact.

TheSplooge332d ago

Agreed. Just imagine what they could do with 1080p on these mid gen consoles. I hate that everything is focused on 4k. Would much rather have 1080p with 60fps on every game than 4k 30 until we have the tech for 4k 60 on consoles.

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Aenea331d ago

Hence why I've mentioned a long time ago already that it would be best for devs to actually use checkerboard rendering for most games so they have spare power left for other visual improvements!

Of course then I was downvoted into oblivion because "true 4k" and all that, but it's still better...

Cobra951331d ago

You didn't get downvoted by me. I completely agree. I think 4K is a huge waste of resources, and now I hear more every day about 5K, 8K, and even 10K. Ludicrous.

Kumakai332d ago

sure. but the extra power can be used to make other areas better too. don't have to dump it all into res. hell sometimes the x gets 4k res AND better effects. in some cases more effects and better render settings would be better than native 4k. thats why MS left it to the devs to use the power as they saw fit and didn't dictate rules.

Cobra951331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

That is the worst translation or transcription of a quote I've ever seen at a site that passes for professional. This sentence in particular took me more than two reads to decipher:

"Most of the current games uses so-called deferred rendering, which performance scales linearly or even worth than with resolution area (i.e. as a square of resolution size, meaning 4k is 4+ times more demanding than 1080)."

What it should be, to the best of my ability:

"Most current games use so-called 'deferred rendering' [whatever that is], the performance of which scales linearly or even worse with resolution area (i.e., as a square of the resolution, meaning 4k is 4+ times more demanding than 1080)."

Does he mean inversely linearly? Because rendering performance will drop as resolution increases. Regardless, all he's saying is that it's a tradeoff. Power spent on filling all those extra pixels comes out the total power to make the image look good, so it may be better to trade native res for better shading, antialiasing, and so forth. I totally agree. Most people will like the results better too. Only the pixel counters will object.