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Little Big Planet is not a perfect game, control is mostly good, but not completely unimpaired. Hope can feel a little too vague sometimes and when it moves between the three levels deep as the two-dimensional courses are constructed of becoming the problem sometimes. But despite that and the online approach is not yet in use is Little Big Planet a wonderful experience.

Charming, beautiful and a durability that is the console life out.

BELL-RINGING not fully control all times, the dimensions confuse sometimes.

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Silogon3384d ago

1st 9? Who's the ass slap who's going to give it an 8 or even more laughable, a 7?

Lanoire3384d ago

My money is on Gametrailers.

Basic score: 10

- 1 for being PS3 exclusive
- 0.5 for letting us wait 1 year and being PS3 exclusive

Final score: 8.5

sunnygrg3384d ago

lol, the reviewer let the dimension confuse him. Ownd.

Fox013384d ago

OMG this game got a 9! I was thinking of buying it, bet since it got a 9 it sucks now! That reviewer is so 360 biased, I'm sure he gave Too Human a 10.

Geez a 9!? I'm so pissed right now, I'm going to watch Metal Gear Solid.

Ninja-Sama3384d ago

The lowest score you are allowed to give LBP is 9.5!

Overr8ed3384d ago

the controls in the game are great, i do have to say that dimensions are hard to pick up the first time but hey its called a small learning curve. this game should have been a 10 or a 9.8 (9.9=10 alright, no need to be cheap)

nbsmatambo3384d ago

it was bound to happen sometime, some hater would want to screw up the perfect score of this game, i dont think this is the last time we will see this ='(, such a shame when reviewers dont know that they r reviewing a good game

Genesis53384d ago

Well if they can't figure out that up and down with the left analogue stick moves you in and out of the screen there is something wrong. It is really not that hard. My 7 year old lttle girl can do it.

shovelbum3384d ago

The game isn't a 10 but IMO it is a 9.8. Beta is awesome but control issues do appear on occasion. I score it higher than I normally would because it is a pretty cool experience. It can be repetitive (made up for by level design features) and the "wow" factor will wear off eventually. Since I enjoyed it as did my 9 and 6 yo kids. It's a 9.8 and that ain't too bad.

NegativeCreepWA3384d ago

I really don't think we'll see anything below a 9. Well at least not from any respectable site.

popup3384d ago

It's great having played this and then to read what they do and don't like... before I continue to not give a sh£$ and carry on playing :)

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fufotrufo3384d ago

well..there goes (Nasim,lanoire,zimbo007,cahill ,Alex M..etc.) perfect metacritic score prediction

Julie3384d ago

I believe your comment is totally offtopic or for the open zone because i don't understand it :s

n4gzz3384d ago

I agree where control could be problem but after an hour use I was fluent on that thing moving on 3 level deep. Either way, Game is
24k GOLD. I know, i will be playing this game until my ps3 breaks.