New Alien Game Announced

About time.   FoxNext Games Acquires Game Developer Cold Iron Studios and announced a new shooter for the Aliens franchise.

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Nitrowolf2250d ago

The studio says it has talent but hasn't really released anything.

I'm excited by the announcement but worried at the same time so here's hoping they don't make something worse than gearboxes game

Garethvk250d ago

I am glad it's a PC and console game vs a mobile. The franchise deserves a quality shooter and a great follow up to Alien Isolation as.well.

NecrumOddBoy250d ago

If possible, I would love this in PSVR

Garethvk250d ago

Ever see people play Alien Isolation in V.R?

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-Foxtrot250d ago

I'd be annoyed if it turns out to be shit and we could have gotten an Alien Isolation sequel by Creative Assembly

GaboonViper250d ago

Nothing can be as bad as Alien-Colonial Marines can it???

-Foxtrot250d ago

You say that while we live in a time where MT's, Loot boxes and other shitty practices have come forward.

Alien CM was shit because it was a badly made game...but a future Alien game now faces the danger of being shit because it's an online, grind fest focused, MT riddled game with loot boxes

antz1104250d ago

Yep, we need more Alien survival games, not a shooter.

CoryHG249d ago

This will happen unfortunately. Need a proper isolation sequel, or it just goes down as the greatest alien game ever and top 5 survival horror.

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camel_toad250d ago

Well I don't know what position individual members had but "The development team includes industry veterans who've worked on various high-profile titles, including BioShock Infinite, Metroid Prime 3, Neverwinter, and City of Heroes" - per IGN. And read on another site that someone among them also worked on Star Trek Online, for what it's worth.

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Cy250d ago

"Action packed persistent world"

So, an Alien shooter MMO.


DrumBeat250d ago

Isolation was one of the best games I've played in recent years. So much fun. I fully welcome another game along the same lines. I wish this new project to continue that greatness. I fear however, that this is a completely new direction.

Kavorklestein249d ago

Isolation is in my top 10 games of this entire Generation personally.

Absolutely Fantastic Game.
The fusion reactor part was so atmosperic and intense

Ethereal250d ago

I clicked so fast in hopes of seeing another game by Creative Assembly. Darn. They put together one of the most faithful film-to-game adaptations in recent memory and Isolation is in my top 5 horror games. Just fantastic.

Einhander1971250d ago

Same old s*** then, why can't anyone do justice to the Alien universe. The best Alien games are from the arcade scene Aliens from Konami, and Alien vs Predator from Capcom. Brilliant fun games that capture the spirit of the franchise, what it needs is a talented development team to design an amazing SINGLE player experience. For me personally an Alien game would be third person, lots of weapons incredible set pieces. Throw in some inspiration from Gears of War, Dead space, Uncharted. There you have a recipe for something truly special to do justice to the Alien franchise.


Maybe you should watch alien again....... Alien isolation was perfect.

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