High Noon: Microsoft Booth vs. Sony Booth BRAWL!

At 12:00pm, Kotaku hit the floors to see how the lines for platform holders Microsoft and Sony are holding up.

Yes, both booths were packed - though, Microsoft had considerably more demo kiosks and did not have a dedicated space for handheld games. Sony had an "I.D. check" for its mature titles, which might have actually hindered younger players from getting hands on time.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3565d ago

did they say Kh death by sleep? i thought it was birth by sleep.

sinncross3565d ago


DEATH by Sleep... Disney will not be happy with that Kotaku lol

So basically at the end of the day, the Japanese public were preferring the the PS3 showcasing, with lines being suspended and the trailer for WTK was 80minutes? No ways... that game better not disappoint cause it could really turn things around for Sony in Japan, and if FFversus13 is to come 2009 (mean to be released before Agito and Agito has a 2009 release) then the PS3 will definitely start getting a formidable userbase.

It's been mentioned many times by the lack of third party support for the PS3 from Japanese developers but I'm thinking that they're just waiting for the FF titles to give the PS3 momentum.

On another note, I wonder if SEGA will do a sequel to Valkyria Chronicles... the demo for the first is so amazing... a sequel could also sell better with a larger, mainly RPG-centric, fanbase.