Macworld: Kroll for iPhone review

Macworld Writes:

""Button mashing" is probably the shortest summary I can give of Kroll. It's not an overwhelmingly challenging game-it's more of a fun throwback to '80s gameplay that I used to love and still have a fond spot in my heart for, mixed with a thoroughly modern 3-D engine that really showcases how beautiful the iPhone can look as a gaming system. At its higher difficulty levels, Kroll adds some challenge, but the basic gameplay is the same.
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Priced at £4.99, Kroll costs less than "premium" games from other developers, and that's a good thing. Digital Legends, which is no stranger to the mobile gaming market, understands that it has to prove itself to a wary market that isn't familiar with its work, using brand new intellectual property developed specifically for the iPhone. While Kroll is shorter than I'd like and the gameplay is simplistic, it's still fun and a good novelty."

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