Sony Announces New PlayStation Plus Offer for UK Players

Pure PlayStation: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe has announced today that UK players can get a decent deal on their annual PlayStation Plus subscription.

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ocelot07327d ago

Sure paying £49.99 straight from the PSN store is not a good deal. But buying £50 credit from CDKeys for around £43 and then using it to buy plus from the store. £43 for 15 months PS+ is not to bad imo.

tablav327d ago

Thanks for that. Got a years Xbox sub through Game yesterday for under 30.00 (14.99 for 3 months, buy 1 get 1 free) and the guy in there said it was a shame there were no deals on PS4. Just used your method and now I'm good until around April 2019 on both systems!

sigrid327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

It's a decent deal for people buying from PSN which I'm sure is the majority

OffRoadKing327d ago

Getting more for less is not a great deal? smh

xX1NORM1Xx326d ago

@tablav nice one mate just got 6 months didn't know they had a deal on.

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Viryu327d ago

It's for all EU I think, it's in Poland as well. The price is still much higher than it was before the price hike.

blady_man327d ago

I must say that i find it expensive compare to xbox live, i paid 50 a year for psn, 2 weeks ago i bought a xbox one x and xbox live its 40 a week, i know its only 10 different but everything counts altho i have to say that playstation has better deals on games than xbox

Ciporta1980327d ago

I just got a 6 month xbox live code from ms online store for £12.50. also if you turn on auto renew you get an extra free month. Mine turned out to be 2 free for some reason so 8 months xb live for £12.50. apparently it's on offer for another 18 days or so.

blady_man327d ago

I did turn auto renew on and got the 1 month free, the only disapointment is the deals, i do think playstation gives better game deals

Ciporta1980327d ago

Yeah ps store definitely has the better deals. I got quite a few in this January sale. Most of them vr titles too.

badz149327d ago

We in South East Asia still pay the equivalent of $30 for a year PS+ and every year, there will be 12+3 months of PS+ offer for Chinese New Year. That's awesomeness

ocelot07327d ago

You are a mug if you pay £50 for this. Buy £50 credit from CDkeys for I think around £43 and use it to buy this deal. Making it 15 months for £43.

ziggurcat327d ago

This is the same kind of deal they had when they first introduced the service.