WorthPlaying: Community Trip Preview - Saints Row 2

WorthPlaying writes: "The original Saints Row had some interesting and exciting multiplayer modes, with Blinged Out Ride and Protect the Pimp being two of the most popular. Unfortunately, the multiplayer always felt kind of tacked on; yes, the two modes related to the rest of the game, in a way, but they didn't transfer smoothly from the single-player experience. The single-player and multiplayer experiences contained in Saints Row were distinctly separate.

In their presentation talks at a recent event in San Francisco, designer James Tsai and producer Roje Smith explained how they changed that for Saints Row 2. They had three main goals for multiplayer: make the transition from single-player to multiplayer smoother, make sure multiplayer had constant action, and implement what they called the "megamode" - a collection of more focused gameplay modes that enhanced the overall action. Tsai also indicated that he hoped this all-inclusive gameplay type would help to avoid fragmenting the community as the different modes did in SR."

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