New levels for Fable 2 coming as DLC

DarkZero: On a special Fable 2 centric episode of Playr, a gaming show which airs on Bravo in the UK, Peter Molyneux has pretty much confirmed there will be at least one new level released in Fable 2 as downloadable content.

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fufotrufo3353d ago

Hell yeah! I'm going to love this game! Only 10 more days left!

Fox013353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

This week was so slow, it looked like it too a year to get from Monday to Friday. I wonder if it's because Fable 2's release date is approaching... anyway for the first time I really glad

y0haN3352d ago

Gaming is too big business now. Planning DLC _before_ a game is even out? Give me a break.

NegativeCreepWA3352d ago

1.2 Its getting bad. You can already buy an armor for Dead Space on PSN and the game isn't even out yet.

TheColbertinator3353d ago

After so long its almost here

*sigh of relief*

Julie3353d ago

I need this game now!! this and LBP will make me crazy :=)

gameforall3353d ago

The game full game will not fit on the DVD format.

Yi-Long3352d ago

... The game isnt even out yet, and already talking about the stuff that we will have to pay for later on...

Kinda annoying, this whole DLC thing.

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