PS4 Overtakes Switch in Japan Thanks to Dissidia Final Fantasy -- Media Create Sales Charts

Today is Wednesday, and Media Create has gone back to its regular scheduled releases after the holidays.

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Neonridr308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

man, Splatoon 2 is about to cross the 2 million mark in Japan (probably already has if you factor in digital sales)

UltraNova308d ago

At this point anything with a Switch sticker will sell gangbusters. Nintendo has done it again.

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indyman7777307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

hardware chart:
(PS I am NOT trying to make fun of X1X, Just posting the weekly sales chart).

1, Switch – 37,500
2, PS4 – 32,890
3, PS4 Pro – 10,918
4, New 2DS XL – 9, 929
5, New 3DS XL – 5,270
6, PS Vita – 4,388
7, 2DS – 1,656
8, Xbox One – 107
9, Xbox One X – 6

Professor_K307d ago

Well deserced too the switch is awsome.

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Lime123308d ago

PS4 beat Switch and MHW isn't even out. Good job Sony!

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subtenko308d ago

Man, Horizon Zero Dawn is about to cross the 6 million mark..

now back to Dissidia, Im considering getting this as I was tempted to get the psp one but never got it. Im about to play the beta right now come to think of it

The 10th Rider307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Neonrider was talking about Japan only . . . Worldwide Splatoon 2 was at 3.6 million sold as of September, just a month after release, so it's likely crossed 6 million at this point.

Also, the 2 million in Japan is significant because Splatoon 2 is now the first home console game in nearly a decade to cross the 2 million mark in Japan.

wonderfulmonkeyman307d ago

Wow, 35 and going downvotes for making a happy statement about anything other than the Sony-version game praised in the headlines.
That's N4G for ya; a den of Sony fanboys that hate anything positive said about anyone else.

Sure, I'm happy FF did great over in Japan, but downvoting anyone for not sucking up to Sony here is just sad.

Protagonist307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Yah! because nintendo fanboys do not hate anything positive said about anything else than nintendo. Do I really have to remind you of the trash talk the PSP and Vita recieved from nintendo fanboys? Stay delusional monkeyboy.

wonderfulmonkeyman307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

You don't need to remind me of anything, Antagonist. [yes, that was on purpose]
Sony fanboys do twice the trashing compared to Nintendo fanboys.
As someone who's a part of both fanbases, Sony fanboys are 100% more toxic in my experience.

I can guarantee you that the majority of Nintendo fans on N4G don't waste time hanging around articles specifically for bashing good news about consoles they don't own, but the same cannot be said in reverse for Sony fans, who take time out of their gaming day specifically to trash on both Nintendo AND [if not especially] Microsoft.
I've experienced this. No amount of denial on your part can change what I've experienced.

xX-oldboy-Xx307d ago

Cry me a river mate, get over it. Sony has twice the fan base of Nintendo and MS. That might be why there are more Sony fans commenting on articles.

'sucking up to Sony' - how old are you? Sony doesn't care about the little community known as N4G. It's just a little banter that some people take too seriously.

Imalwaysright307d ago


There is a huge difference between owning a PS4 and being a moron. Morons are what the majority around here are.

subtenko307d ago

Well wtf are you complaining when everyone else is making more happy statements about Sony? You are being hypocritical ya troll.

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rainslacker307d ago

Not really surprising. Splatoon has been quite successful. I would't have thought it would happen on first seeing the game, but it's a good fun game. I don't even like MP games, but Splatoon is a lot of fun.

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Relientk77308d ago

The Xbox One X dropped from selling 9 units last week to 6 units this week.

Nyxus308d ago

Hey, that's almost one every day.

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sprinterboy308d ago

Funny thing is they make a loss on the console when they factor in shipping costs etc lmfao

G20WLY308d ago

That's great! So take your pickaxe and get back to the coalface 😁

Tko1111307d ago

Japan don’t support most American products but we love imports.

Knushwood Butt307d ago

True, but it seems to have sold quite a bit more this week. I think there may have been a special offer / price drop.

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Relientk77308d ago

Septic, I think you're losing it lol

Aenea308d ago

It's all the falafels I'd say!

Gaming_Cousin307d ago

I honestly think he has a mental disorder

Septic307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

^^LMAO! Why is that?

Prince_TFK308d ago

Yeah and the world will soon spin in reverse.

Nu307d ago

Kun_ADR it's actually flat bro

wonderfulmonkeyman308d ago

Glad to see that Square-Enix has a decent hit on their hands with this one.

I'm really hoping they come around to announcing the Mana Collection for stateside release, as well as a port of the remake for Switch.

But I'd also take Bravely Third. I'm CRAVING a good Bravely fix, and if I could get it on Switch then all the better.

Neonridr308d ago

yeah I have a physical copy of the Mana remake for the PS4 ordered, but would love it for the Switch. Would rather be able to play it on the go than stuck on my TV.

Neonridr308d ago

@SuperSonic91 - would rather play it on the Switch with the bigger screen and better resolution.

Nyxus308d ago

@ Neonridr: well if you want a bigger screen the tv would be a better choice. In terms of portability the Vita is actually more portable than the Switch.

Neonridr308d ago

@Nyxus - please do tell me how the Vita is more portable than the Switch. I do own both by the way, but curious to know why you say that. Because it's smaller? Is that really a bonus here?

Nyxus308d ago

@ Neonridr: yes exactly, because it's quite a bit smaller and the buttons are built into the system. For a portable device yes I do think that's a plus, because it's more practical to take with you.

Neonridr308d ago

The buttons are built into the system? So because the Vita is one form factor whereas I have numerous controller options with the Switch that is somehow a knock now? Interesting stretch.

Sure it is smaller, but unless you are trying to jam the thing in your pants then you are carrying it around in a backpack or something. So at that point when does it become easier to transport? I mean you can hold both units in your hands easily. I actually prefer the switch since the buttons are better spaced out. The Vita cramps my hands after using it for a while (I remote play on the vita a lot for my PS4). But to each their own. If you think the Vita is better suited for portable play then that is definitely your right to believe as such. I disagree though and will take the larger screen and extra buttons any day of the week.

Nyxus308d ago

@ Neonridr: I just think the Switch is a bit too large to be practical as a handheld. If something that has to be put into a backpack is considered portable, than almost anything is. And yes, it's easier if you can stick the system in your pocket than having to pack it into a backpack. Of course, that comes with compromises, such as the spacing of the buttons. But I use the Switch as a home console, so I prefer to use the Pro Controller anyway, because they layout is better than the original controller. For portable Nintendo games I just use the 3DS for now, because I also find it more practical for that than the Switch (smaller, even the XL, and the clamshell design).

Lime123308d ago

Haha Nintendo gamer who cares about resolution

Knushwood Butt307d ago

Smaller and lighter.

I don't know many people that willingly fill their bag with large, heavy items (although I do know one who does it for endurance training).

Protagonist307d ago

Lol better resolution.Then I guess you'd rather play nintendo games on the PS4/Xbox/PC. No? hypocrite!

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