WorthPlaying: Pure Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Pure is a game that can be described in a single word: fun. It seems almost fitting that a game with such a "pure" and simple title can described with such a simple word. Pure comes to us courtesy of Disney. Wait, What? Disney's doing an ATV racing game? Well, since Disney would certainly be more than a little out of place creating such a game, the development task fell to Black Rock Studios, who have more than a little bit of experience with this game style, having had a hand in the ATV Offroad Fury and MotoGP franchises. The final result is a fun, good-looking arcade racer that is a mesh of the ATV Offroad Fury and SSX series.

As stated, Pure is an arcade ATV racing game. You'll spend most of your time in the World Tour mode, where you need to race, sprint, and do crazy, over-the-top tricks on your way to the number one position in the world. Before you can get into any of that, though, you'll need to build your ATV. Considering how simple much of the rest of the game feels, the method that Pure takes to build your ATV seems bizarre."

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