Majin Android 21 is the Final Character in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Many fans have speculated for months about one character in particular as far as it comes to her inclusion in the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster and that's Android 21. Now we know that she's not only playable, but has a Majin form.

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InTheZoneAC329d ago

Without giving any extra details can someone explain where she even came from? What series?

thatguyhayat329d ago

shes a brand new character

329d ago
Uken12329d ago

Well there you have it! She made over 17k a month and was bale to make it to the fight! Hard worker I'd say.

329d ago
DarXyde329d ago

An Android with a majin form....

............................. ........okay.

Qrphe329d ago

She's probably the human type like 17 and 18. They both were absorbed by Cell, a biological form after all.

DarXyde329d ago

I know, it just feels...extra. Androids (canonically) are supposed to have unlimited ki which was already its own huge advantage. Just feels a little OP. I'm sure it'll be balanced, but conceptually, it should be pretty outrageous.

doos_vd_kak329d ago

Im disappointed there is no vegito or SSJ 4 characters but the characters that are there look amazing

FallenAngel1984328d ago

It’s weird to see a Majin have human looking eyes like that, even if it is part android

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