GamePro Review: MLB Stickball

GamePro writes: "It's a bit of a surprise to see something like stickball made into a videogame. A pastime that evokes images of kids playing in the street somewhere back east in the 1950's isn't exactly what you'd expect to see when scrolling through arcade offerings. That's not to say its something current gamers wouldn't enjoy. If made properly, a stickball title could be fun. Too bad the recently released "MLB Stickball" for XBLA misses the mark. A game that's too tough for kids but too boring for adults just can't seem to make up its mind on who its for, and ends up leaving nobody happy."

+Its simplified baseball

-Pitching and hitting are a chore
-Gameplay just isn't much fun
-MLB license not used effectively enough

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RoidRage3543d ago

I thought it sucked worse than 2.5/5. No base running?wtf?