Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Impressions

Jay has a very frustrating weekend trying to play the Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta before the full release on PlayStation 4, XBox One X and Microsoft Windows on January 26th, 2018. Did the multiplayer woes spoil Jay’s fun?

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Braxmapoutras308d ago

Probably the most infuriating thing I've experienced when playing ANY beta EVER.... waiting up to 20 minutes to play a laggy as hell match ... leery alone the annoying as hell stupid lobby system.... it should have been an option not a necessity to join the stupid lobbies....i didn't download a fighting game to watch stupid chibi characters performing emotes running left and right wanting to battle and not being able to..... easily worst experience with fighting game beta so far..... truly a disservice to the game itself as it was amazing..... but now it's no longer on my day one buy....ill wait and see how it is after our launches....

308d ago
TheMuffDiver308d ago

I put a couple hours into it, completed all the tutorials and played a handful of matches only to find that the game is not for me! Very much just a beautiful button masher. How you transform into different stages of sayian is pointless and not at all what i was expecting! Wish maybe someday we can get a real DBZ fighting game with fluid technical controls as this game is not it! Feels and plays like killer instinct, or capcom vs marvel!

doos_vd_kak308d ago

"Feels and plays like killer instinct, or capcom vs marvel!"

Good, day one.

TheMuffDiver308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

With my statement above, i know some people will absolutley love it as it has a very nice japanese feel to it. Would love to see a final bout GT remake. Also the visuals are some of the neatest and most colorful to date.

meka2611307d ago

Totally agree, we are definitely in the minority though. The game is alright as a fighter, but as a DBZ game it's horrible, xenoverse is closer to what the show is.

Elda308d ago

It plays like MvsC which I like & the art style/graphics looks really nice along with the vibrant colors. I may pick this up once I finish my entire backlog of sp games which I'm finally starting to deplete one by one.

RommyReigns308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

It's a good thing for me that I'm not planning to majorly play the main game online on release day (getting the game for the Dragon Ball Z fighting experience and spectacle with tons of easter eggs referencing the manga and anime, the Android 21 ''canon'' (directly from Akira Toriyama himself) story mode, versus couch multiplayer and other modes. Only going to bother with online if trophies are involved) because I would be pissed if the online is like it was in the beta. Thinking about all the past beta experiences from other games betas I've played in the past I don't remember any of them being as bad as this, yes some had problems but at least they had the framework in place to be able to cope with the demand, but it looks like Arc Systems Works have completely underestimated and severely under-prepared themselves for the open beta.

However the last Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 I heard used a very similar lobby system and ran flawlessly with dedicated servers, so there is a chance with 9 days to go that Arc Systems Works wishes to Shenron for flawless servers from day 1 could still come true.

P.S - The 'auto combo' button mashing should be nerfed in relation to damage taken, Arc said themselves that the auto combo would do much less damage than doing the combo manually but it looks like from the beta that the auto combo deals a decent amount. I understand that the ease of play was included to bring in the casuals (who assuming do not have the time to learn detailed movesets and tactics) but skill should be rewarded more than brainless button mashing.

InKnight7s308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Gameplay was so fun, graphics were amazing. Online experience was simply shit.
Overall I couldnt play for more than 12 hours due to maintance and errors.
Edit: chibi lobby characters most aweful experience ever in anime games.

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