The New Unity 2018 Game Engine Is Mind-Blowing In Tech Demo

The Unity game engine, which has powered numerous titles, including Yooka-Laylee, Syberia 3 and Life is Strange Before the Storm, …

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starchild250d ago

I can't wait until we can get a full game with visuals like these. That will be amazing.

snoopgg250d ago

I am already impressed with wildlands graphics. I can't wait for farcry 5.

Ceaser9857361250d ago

i am excited for FC 5 as well..

sampsonon250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

sorry but I'm not impressed. i could post older game engines from 5 yrs ago that are better, but don't what to rain to hard on the parade.

Ultr250d ago

yeah sure you can...unfortunately you dont so jiiiiha

sampsonon250d ago

Decima is a proprietary game engine developed by Guerrilla Games, released on November 15, 2013.

DarkStar1250d ago

you must be blind if you think that horizon zero dawn looks anywhere close to that unity demo

Ultr249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

The thing is that you are talking from a subjective perspective, and are also taking into account the artstyle. Decima is amazing but in the Unity demo there is way more going on, and that is what is making this impressive. I could show you a screenshot of ratchet and clank and tell you this is amazing because I like the style of it. But this is about how much you can put on screen and the detail it can have.

Also you said 5 years and then you show decima and and then show horizon wich is not even a year old..... :)
by your logic you would have to look at how old Unity is.......

sampsonon249d ago

the demo is linear. Guerrilla Games's desima would wipe the floor f they make a linear demo. did you take that into account when you watched the videos? didn't think so. open world and it has more going on in it than a linear demo

sampsonon249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

when they made the engine it was n 2013 :)
Listen, it's ok for people to assume a newer engine will be a better but in this case it's obviously not.
But I'm sure it will make some fine looking games in the future, just not as good as Desima :)

Ultr249d ago

Do you understand that Unity is even older? I dont think so.

You are just assuming it would wipe the floor, Do you have any evidence for this? because all I can see is an open world game, is there anything linear to show us or do you base it on your imagination? Obviously you do.

So mister. Do you think Decima is the best engine ever? fascinating. You know I love GG and what they are doing but you are just delusional if you think decima is the best thing ever.