GamePro TGS 08: Resistance: Retribution Preview

GamePro writes: "Behind closed doors at TGS 2008, I got a special look at Resistance: Retribution for the PSP, the first Resistance game on Sony's handheld console. Taking place after the events of Resistance: Fall of Man and before the start of Resistance 2, Retribution is doing a lot of things to make a substantial presence in the Resistance universe.

The most interesting thing Retribution is doing comes with the way it connects to the PS3. First, there is a feature that the developers are calling "Infected Mode." With this feature, you must have Resistance 2 and Retribution. If you load up R2 on the PS3, you can connect the PSP and Retribution will get "infected" by R2. This opens up a bunch of cool features for the PSP game, including access to new areas, a new character skin, a new weapon and more. Obviously you can play the full game without it, but Infected mode does provide a greater experience for the PSP game."

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