GamersDailyNews asks gamers about Blu-Ray - Do they want it or not?

After Aaron Greenberg put rumors regarding Xbox 360 Blu-Ray to bed (and took the opportunity to jab Sony's adopted format in the ribs as he did it), GamersDailyNews takes a look at the format, and opens a poll to get the gamer's real opinion on whether Blu-Ray is as vital as Sony says, or the damp squib Microsoft claims it to be.

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Internet Trolling Ex3391d ago

First they clutched onto dvd,then hd-dvd,then digital downloads,and right now they're right back to the low-resolution dvds

Killjoy30003390d ago

We shouldn't even acknowledge these f*ckin' idiots anymore.

Internet Trolling Ex3391d ago

I cant wait until The Dark Knight comes out,I'll send a copy of the movie to Shane Kim.Hopefully his boyfriend will take a Fhuta break long enough to allow Shane to watch the movie

tk3391d ago

They want HD-DVD. It is a "better value proposition" to the customer. MS said so. Just a pity BR killed it in the meantime.

MazzingerZ3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

They won't because it would make even more obvious that the magic USD 199 price tag is just an illusion, 199 + HDD + BR add-on = more expensive than a PS3.

To get a BR add-on that can compete with SONY's BR quality on the PS3 wouldn't be cheap, with the HD-DVD add-on you could say they were different formats, that both had pros and cons, etc,etc... but not if it's a BR in both as in that case you compare BR vs they wouldn't get a way with cheap components

MSFT speaks as if it wasn't yet decided which is the standard HD format, as it is right now, it's BR, today even the average Joe knows what a blu-ray is, when Toshiba stoped manufacturing HDDVD early this year it became world wide news, all of the sudden HD format started to became a normal term to see in news paper and on TV...

before that only AVS people knew a "war" was going on...after february 2008, the average Joe got to know there's a HD format called Blu-ray...many have no idea what HD-DVD is...or better said: was.

I use seldom the BR capability on the PS3, but I love to get my games in ONLY ONE disc, scratch-proof and the most important, that what I bought, after 2 years, feels as fresh and modern as then... the PS3 is a piece of HW far from be considered obsolete, Kutaragi is a genius.

WAR_MACHINE773391d ago

Do gamers want Blu-ray? well I can't speak for everyone but I bought 2 HD consoles and a HDTV so why the hell would I want a SD video format? I personally think Blu-ray is great and think it was a great addition to the PS3. I wouldn't buy a Blu-ray add on for my 360 since I already own a PS3 but I'm sure there are lots of people that would.

Hobgoblin3391d ago

Are you using the Blu-Ray feature for watching many movies? It'd be insteresting to be able to gauge how many PS3 users are using their console as a media player as much as a games system.
And do you think Blu-Ray swayed your decision to buy a PS3? Perhaps Blu-Ray is actually the saviour of the PS3?

WAR_MACHINE773391d ago

Yeah I watch movies with my PS3 but I wasn't really swayed by Blu-ray, more of an icing on the cake kinda thing.

BattleAxe3390d ago

I own 6 Blu-Ray movies and personally it was one of the reasons why I bought a PS3. I still buy DVDs from time to time because of how cheap they are now, and the PS3 upscales them. Even with the upscaling the picture you get from a Blu-Ray movie is so much clearer and sharper. If I owned an XBOX I'd want a Blu-Ray add-on. The way I see it is why not? If you want that movie experience then at least you have choice.



I really don't know no one that have more BDs than games on PS3.

If someone is saving anything here, it's the other way around. PS3 is, indeed, firstly a gaming machine (as far as for anyone I know).

BD is, as Warmachine said, a plus, an extra feature. We really don't aim for it, but having it on the console have opened all of a new market, which we keep visiting every now and them.

Ju3390d ago

BD was a key factor in my decision for either 360 or PS3. It was obvious I'd go with a HD TV for the next gen consoles. And it was sure one more criteria to use my whole equipment to the max when spending that much money. I've to get a 7.1 system yet, though. I got an el cheapo 2.1 now (which is still better then "just" speakers).

NeoBasch3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

As stated above, Blu-Ray was more of an icing on the cake. I was in it for the games. Nowadays, though, I've been using the Blu-Ray capabilities quite a bit. Probably more so than I use it to play games. Not that I don't like any of the games. In fact, just the opposite. I love my collection of PS3 software. However, I have interests beyond just games: anime, movies, and televised dramas. The PS3 now sits as my hub for all four media types. Since games takes up only a fourth of that hub, I spend more time using the Blu-Ray capabilities. Still, I love Sony, and appreciate all of their great games they have given to us so far (Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, MGS4, etc...).

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TheXgamerLive3391d ago

But the Xbox 360 can and does better than any other console ever has.

Digital Downloads is the future and yes for those who care, the HD-DVD format was and is better.

Rockstar3391d ago

I feel sorry for you.

It's quite sad really.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

What I find ironic is that the PlayStation 3 has more full downloadable games than the XBOX 360, which is none. Warhawk, Socom: Confrontation, or even Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. The last one I remember was Burnout: Paradise nothing the XBOX 360 does, yet Microsoft is the one pushing digital downloads. Sony is pushing physical/digital and excelling in both departments.

Whether you like it or not retail will always be here because networks can be shut down/turned off. My Blu-ray player can only be turned off by me or no current. You also get more freedom with physical media than with digital media. As with the games having 50GB (PlayStation 3) of data is a plus to me not 8.54 (XBOX 360). Just look at Halo 3 and Killzone 2, dramatic difference.

Fanboy Slaughter3390d ago

I bet you cried when Attack of The Show had an HD-DVD funeral.

Go ahead and take your Digital Downloads, and then cry about it when your Hard Drive containing all of your movies buys the farm and you have to spend countless hours re-downloading (and possibly re-buying) all your lost pseudo-HD media.

And also, prove HD-DVD, as a format and based on it's specs, was and somehow is still better despite being a dead format.

dcbronco3390d ago

Since that was at the release of the 360 I'm not sure why people believe it should have been included. That was mean DD is the present. Microsoft offers Xbox games and TV shows for download. They didn't go with a full on download only system. They stuck with the current format and offered some of what the future has to offer. Sony put all of it's eggs in the Blu-ray basket and has lost billions because of it. So while Microsoft lost maybe 2.5 billion on R & D and RRoD. Sony lost well over 5 billion on the Cell and Blu-ray. In fact, if it hadn't been for RRoD, the 360 would have made over 1.5 billion in profits to this point and would be well on it's way to recouping some of the loses on the original Xbox. The PS3 on the other hand is a long way from making back any of the Sony's money. And if they have to do a price cut, it will just add to the bill. Microsoft is setting the ground work for DD with the current Live. They will push that further in 3 years or so with their next console when a 1 tb hard drive will cost them $30. Sony went from Blu-ray and UMD to selling movies by download themselves. They know the profit margins are far better on DD and they know Apple and Microsoft have been making a profit on DD while they have made nothing on Blu-ray.

@ Some one plays- Like you said, your power can be turned off. Look up the history of the Internet. The original purpose was to make a system that couldn't be knockout in a time of war because it was capable of going multiple routes. While your power lines aren't.

@ Fanboy Slaughter- Blu-ray has a faster transfer rate and more space. But the difference in the sound quality that the extra space allows can be made up by higher bit-rate audio on HD DVD. Most people can't tell the difference anyway and the ones that can know that higher bit-rates take care of the uncompressed sound problem. On the space issue, HD DVD had 3 layer disc that gave them 51 gbs. And the 3 layer HD was still cheaper to make than the single layer Blu-ray.

The main disadvantage of Blu-ray was cost.

It cost over a million each to change the production line to make Blu-ray(thousands of lines). Hd DVD was exactly like DVD so there were no changes needed.

Each Blu-ray blank cost as much as $3 more to make according to Sony, originally it was $10 according to Sony so they made the process better. An HD DVD cost $1 more. And each layer was an additional $1.

Each Blu-ray master for movie production cost as much as 25,000. And the process was hard in the beginning when there were a lot of disc that didn't work right and had to be trashed. HD was like DVD and it was much cheaper to make masters day one.

HDi, the interactive component of HD DVD was ready with in months of the release of the format and all players could use it. BD-live started to show up in players this year and all players before it(besides the PS3) can not use the BD-Live features. 100s of wasted dollars.

Biphter3390d ago

.. Then please explain how WipEout HD manages to Play and look amazing?

Microsoft talk about forcing. How about this; If buy an Xbox360 i'm forced to use DVD. With PS3 I have a choice, I can play DVD or Blu-Ray.

Another big one, Hard disks... I recently chose a 320 GB standard laptop HDD and it cost me a packet of peanuts. It slotted comfortably into my PS3 with no problems. In a few months time I could (If I so choose to) buy a higher capacity HDD and that too will be gladly welcomed by my PS3.... Microsoft offer 1 "choice" for hard drive upgrades and charge triple the amount of standard 120GB hard disks.

Something is wrong with their logic.

PotNoodle3390d ago

Funny how it seems sony are beating microsoft at their own plan, you know with dd. I don't see microsoft putting up full games on their store.

Gaara_7243390d ago

betamax was better than vhs but u dont c any one geting made over that let the hddvd go

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