Dark Souls Remastered Level Design “Unchanged” – Says Nintendo

An article in Nintendo's official site has some answers to fan questions regarding possible changes to Dark Souls with the Dark Souls Remastered edition.

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UCForce331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

This is more than remastered. From what I heard, the game will use Dark Souls 3 Engine. So I would call it Dark Souls Remake. And I hope it is not going to be like Modern Warfare Remastered, because it completely ruined the original Modern Warfare.

Fextralife331d ago

Namco withdrew the DKS3 engine and "remake" comments, as well as the HDR lighting for PS4 Pro consoles. They are saying it isn't using any "new" assets from DKS3

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CrystalFantasy330d ago

Considering Switch is a potato, id be surprised if it manages a locked 30fps. Consoles will obviously do 60fps 1080p.

Neonridr330d ago

a potato at like 1/20th the size of an XB1 or PS4.

Professor_K329d ago

The switch is a portable/console hybrid

Graphics don't mean whack when you have an amazing convinient console design.

CrystalFantasy329d ago

Yeah sure the "it's portable" excuse. I've heard that shit a million times since it released. Next.

Movefasta1993330d ago

Frame rate on the switch remains unchanged - Nintendo

Neonridr330d ago

30fps is fine with me for some Dark Souls on the go :)

meganick329d ago

The original console versions of Dark Souls never ran at 30 fps. They were like 20 fps with frequent dips and frame pacing issues. So the Switch remaster is an improvement if it ends up running at a steady 30 fps.

KentBlake330d ago

If they'd only put a bonfire at the start of the New Londo Ruins....I hate the trek from Firelink Shrine everytime I die to those ghosts.

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