GameSpot BlizzCon 2008: StarCraft II Gameplay Panel

GameSpot writes: "If there was ever any doubt about the success of StarCraft II, its fans blew that out the water today when they just about caved the Convention Centre ceiling in cheering as Blizzard devs Chris Metzen, Rob Pardo, and Dustin Browder took the stage. The three were on deck to chair the StarCraft II Gameplay Panel, a session which trod some familiar storyline footprints and threw a few new elements into the mix.

The panel began by explaining that StarCraft II is attempting to break the mould as both an RTS and as a way of storytelling. To do this the team has introduced new gameplay mechanics to help further establish the lengthily backstories of StarCraft universe characters. Today's session marks the first time Blizzard has spoken publically about the single-player component of the game; one that will see you take on the role of returning character Jim Raynor and take place in familiar locales for those familiar with the events of the first game."

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