Get Sea Of Thieves On Xbox One/PC For Only £34.99/$48 At CDKeys

ThisGenGaming says "Sea Of Thieves has already got an amazing pre-order deal offer that is worth checking out for anyone who wanted to buy the game."

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Xenophon_York271d ago

The fringe appearance of price-cuts already? Yikes...

Fishy Fingers271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

You can buy both pre-order and post launch keys for pretty much every game (PC/XB) from CDkeys ahead of launch, they’re not official ‘price cuts’.

I use them regularly, they’re often must cheaper than Steam/Live Store. Sensible consumerism.

TankCrossing271d ago

I'm not sure pre-ordering the game at this point counts as "sensible consumerism".... But I've done it anyway :)

Fishy Fingers271d ago

Ha yeah fair point. I meant just checking them in general rather than assuming elsewhere is cheaper.

slavish0271d ago

So... u r complain about a deal? .. or you have 0 interest in the game and just r trolling? 🤔

Usperg271d ago

Can you even get into the beta next week if you purchase from here,peeps need to check into that if they plan this route and want beta access.

FITgamer271d ago

Probably not. Beta access usually is sent from the retailer. If you were in the Alpha though you get Beta access.

FITgamer271d ago

Still too much for me. If the beta improves the experience from the alpha I'll probably pick it up when it drops to $30.