GameSpy Interview: Akihiro Hino on White Knight Chronicles

GameSpy writes: "With vibrant graphics, a potentially fascinating storyline and full online mode to complement a traditional single-player RPG, White Knight Chronicles managed to capture everybody's attention at TGS, even though it was not playable. Level-5's unmistakable touch can be detected in the attention to the smallest detail and in the high degree of customization that has become more and more a trademark of the popular development house. We had a chance to interview Akihiro Hino, President and CEO of the company, about those elements of White Knight Chronicles that were not explored in detail during the short presentation we attended earlier in the show.

GameSpy: Will you keep getting your inspiration from European themes, which seem to be present in several Level-5 games? Akihiro

Akihiro Hino, President and CEO: Admittedly, many gamers have told us that our games have a European flavor. We agree, but at the same time we think they have very distinctive Japanese elements in them, which seems to be well-accepted by gamers in Europe. We like the fact that people always seem to find something familiar in our games, whether they are European or Japanese, and we will keep promoting this feature in our future titles."

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