Shenmue 3 Gets Some Brand New Screenshots

A brand new batch of Shenmue 3 screenshots has arrived, with fans of the series getting a glimpse at the highly-anticipated sequel.

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335d ago
Angainor7336d ago

Christ, this is so beautiful, im really in tears right now, true fans will understand

DarXyde335d ago

I was kinda poor growing up and I remember getting a Dreamcast one Christmas. I borrowed a friend's Shenmue and loved it so much that I bought it from him for $20. I ended up forgoing lunch for weeks to save my lunch money to buy it. That, Jet Grind Radio, and Sonic Adventure 1/2 were literally all I played until I could afford a PS2. Shenmue got the most play time by far. I must've beaten that game countless times. I even convinced myself that I always got the bad ending (because I never had enough money to take the ship abroad) and kept frugal plays. Then when I realized I couldn't, I just.... kept playing.

I'm right there with you, mate. I backed the hell out of this game's kickstarter. If they dropped a Shenmue HD collection to further fund it, I'd buy that too.

In hindsight, this is easily one of the best franchises I've ever played.

ditrabokku335d ago

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Angainor7335d ago

Same here my friend, my 3 top games on Dreamcast, was Shenmue, Sonic Adventure & Sonic Adventure 2. I really can't remember how many times i' ve completed Shenmue 1 & 2. Every time was different for me. Such a masterpiece... Story, plot, graphics, characters with depth, music, cliffhangers, emotions... Shenmue for me will always be the best game ever made. Personally i took the other road:

Sega Mega Drive
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Xbox One X

I' ve experienced Shenmue in all of it's forms. I'm waiting for this game for 18 years now.. Every year i was praying "Please God, make it happen at next E3... Same thing for the past 18 years. Now it's finally a reality and i'm so happy that is happening even if i have to buy a PC / PS4 just for this game, i will. As silly as that sounds, I fu#*ing will. Hopefully this year the story will continue.

Mr Marvel335d ago

Your parents must be so proud of their daughter the prostitute.

shloobmm3335d ago

Unfortunately there aren't many actual fans of this game because most gamers skipped out on it. The series is amazing and has always been amazing. I still have 1 on Dreamcast and two on my Xbox. Ryo Hazuki looks horrible in these pics tho. Is he transitioning from female to male? What did they do to his face?

roadkillers335d ago

Don't use the lords name in vein, please.

SegaGamer336d ago

They seem to getting the surroundings spot on. If this is how it's going to look throughout then this game is going to look really nice. The character designs also look a lot better now than they did in that teaser released a few months ago.

dillydadally335d ago

I feel like his face still needs a little work personally. Something about the proportions of his head and face look too small or pinched or unrealistic or something.

Artemidorus336d ago

That 2015 E3 has been a total con it's 2018 and whilst there is slow progress, no signs of retail yet.

Fishy Fingers336d ago

At least we have Dreams and FFVII remake to play while we wait...

cfc83336d ago

I wouldn't want a small development team to deliver the game quickly. It will release. My guess is 2019 third quarter.

morganfell336d ago


A total con would be if the game wasn't being made at all. Or was canceled. I guess you are one of those people that doesn't realize that right is better than right now.

Artemidorus335d ago

There are no signs of retail millennial fanboi.

Artemidorus335d ago

Nice to see Sony fan bois out in force, you haven't got any of them games to play to this day.

bluefox755335d ago

At least they have games coming, lol.

rainslacker335d ago

what con?

Did people expect the game to release within a year or two when it didn't even have funding when it was announced?

Did you think this was an early access game or something? Maybe they could release it now, and just piece meal it together until it's done, while raking in cash through early access.

The 10th Rider335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

I mean, the game is definitely *not* a con, but your second sentence is a bit ironic.

The original targeted release date was December 2017 . . . a year and a half after announcement. Most reasonable people realized that was horribly unrealistic, but yes, there were people who believed it would be 2017 and not a 2018 or 2019 game.

Artemidorus335d ago

E3 is about showing off something up coming not showing a trailer and disappearing year after year.

Shenmue is the only exception due to funding but that will take longer than people think.

Look at Final Fantasys latest game, ten year cycle and a total waste of time choping and changing.

rainslacker334d ago

So, now it's been delayed to 2018. Not that uncommon, and they've been open about it every step of the way. And yeah, I thought 2-1/2 years was overly optimistic.


E3 can be about whatever the people paying for the conference want it to be about. I prefer them showing games, but all the companies are guilty of showing off things which are a ways off, or never will come to pass. I mean, Minecraft on Halolens....I'm still waiting on that con which wasn't even in development or planned anytime soon.

In any case, for the most part, most games shown at E3 won't be seen for 2-3 years. Its only recently that MS started acting like this wasn't the case, yet they still show off stuff that is a ways out.

What we may want out of E3 isn't what the companies may want to achieve out of it.

I feel the devs and publisher did hope to hit this past holiday season. But for the whole development of the game, the developers have been very open with letting backers know the progress of the game. That is hardly a con. If it is, then the entire industry is guilty of perpetuating scams on the gaming public on a regular basis.

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