Robot Cache Uses Blockchain To Reduce Publishers Fees, Allows Users To Resell PC Digital Games

Robot Cache is a new PC game distribution platform that uses blockchain technology to reduce publishers fees while allowing customers to resell their digital games.

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odderz157d ago

Hmm, not sure how I feel about game re-sale. I've often hoped I could transfer a digital game to a friend, but resale kinda feels like it'll cause issues or be suspect to manipulation. We'll see though.

LavaLampGoo157d ago

Yeah maybe I've been on internet too long but basically every word in that has a red flag for me

AnotherProGamer157d ago

Like what? You can resell your digital games and developers make more money from a sale of a game

ccgr157d ago

I wish Steam would allow reselling

Cybermario157d ago

mixed feelings about this

Vanakka157d ago

Do it would love to support my developers more