WWE 2K18’s Final DLC ‘Enduring Icons Pack’ Screenshots Released

EB: You can check out new screenshots from the pack below. There’s also a trailer to check out after the screens.

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bigmalky183d ago

Waste of money. The game is fundamentally broken (no pun intended).

2K don't even answer their paying customers on if it will all be fixed.

ClayRules2012183d ago

I’m done buying 2K’s wrestling games. They’re a broken mess, and when they go to patch/fix some of the problems, it causes multiple more problems after the update goes live. It’s jusf ridiculous.

sawoosevens183d ago

Don't waste your money on this trash, they suck at making wwe games they ripped all the fun out of these games.

Kun_ADR183d ago

And here I was so excited when 2K acquired the WWE license. I thought that 2K will be the one to turn the franchise around. I also thought that maybe we’ll see some WWE wrestlers appear in GTA, or maybe Rockstar would make a new game with WWE wrestlers in it.

Boy oh boy. Now I wish THQ had never gone out of business.

ZeekQuattro183d ago

To quote Tara's (Victoria) TNA theme this game is Broken. lol