How Will History Remember the Wii U?

The Wii U is considered a failure now, but its unique chunk of gaming history will really boost its value in the future. Could people be flocking to the system in ten years?

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strayanalog333d ago

Most likely as Nintendo's Dreamcast. I personally didn't buy one, not a fan of the Wii era, but anyone I've talked to online/in person that did invest in one loves it.

CursedTastyBurst332d ago

Dreamcast was way better, and still is.

RommyReigns333d ago

Tried to take the casual market from the Wii with them, but failed to do so starting with the naming confusion (no idea why Nintendo didn't use 'Wii 2' instead). Had some great games on the system but a lack of exposure, still opting with trying to take the casual market instead. The lack of enticing price drops on the console due to the expense of the Wii U Tablet.

agent13333d ago

A failure but it had a good idea on paper but it didn't work

fiveby9332d ago

Agreed it was a commercial failure. But perhaps an idea a little ahead of the technological curve. I'd say their second attempt at hybrid handheld is off to a great start.

Pancit_Canton333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Nintendo's Quick Cash Grab.

13 Million suckers who fell for it.

Eonjay333d ago

No I don't think it was a cash grab. I mean they had an interesting concept but it didn't translate right and it was poorly marketed.

bluefox755332d ago

The tablet was the only thing stopping me from buying one. I think it was responsible for about half of the manufacturing cost. I would have rather had them make beefier hardware instead, or even just cut the price and include a regular controller. I didn't like it at all, and didn't want to pay more for something I didn't want.

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