Famitsu review scores (1/16/18)

This week’s Famitsu reviews include a near-perfect score for Monster Hunter World and more.

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Relientk77280d ago

Damn, what a score for Monster Hunter World.

Neonridr280d ago

wow, very great scores indeed. Should sell like gangbusters out of the gate. Which is a good sign.

I am debating picking this up on PS4 or PC, but hearing that the PC version isn't coming until the fall sometime, I don't think I will be able to resist the urge :P

juegosmajicos280d ago

It doesn't surprise me to be honest. Monster Hunter has been a 9+/10 franchise since Tri on the Wii.

Too bad it's going to sell 5M max on the PS4, Capcom's going to call it a sales failure, and they're going to blame the fans.

roadkillers279d ago

I'm pretty sure it has 1 million+ pre-orders in Japan alone. This game will sell close to 4 million in Japan, but MH isn't big anywhere else in the world...

279d ago
EddieNX 280d ago

with the way the Switch is selling in Japan. Capcom would be insane not to put a new MH game on it. I think it's only a matter of time before we here something.

EddieNX 279d ago

which is why I said new game. Double xx is an old port.

I'll be buying world the day it comes out, but again it would be financial suicide for Capcom not to put some original MH games on the Switch which is Japan's most popular console.

xPhearR3dx279d ago

I have no doubt in my mind original MH games will come to the Switch. However, the devs said they wanted to make a game that was outside Nintendos hardware limits. Thus we have Monster Hunter Worlds. So don't expect Worlds to ever make an appearance on the Switch, but I'm sure we will get a 2018 MH game. I surely hope so anyway, because I would buy it day 1.

michellelynn0976279d ago

Please. They could make it for the Switch.

pyroxxx279d ago

how? I mean 480p at with loading betwen zones,maybe

ngaydazng7279d ago

Ps4 is Japan's most popular console it just went past 6 million

jadedlove92278d ago

Yes it is but switch is sure catching up to it. It's already past 3+million consoles sold if I'm not mistaken in Japan. It will eventually catch up to the juggernaut of the ps4 and that's something. But it's fine they're both beasts of a console in their own different respective ways 😊

Mungamingzone280d ago

Now im super hyped for the game !

TheVigilanteCode279d ago

The west and the main 2 consoles have wanted a mainline monster hunter game for so long. This game is going to go nuts in sales lol

Hope capcom doesn't delay much for the rest of us on PC.

michellelynn0976279d ago

Sales prediction. Monster Hunter will sell 1.6 million in one week. 1 million on PS4 and 600k on X-Box. Total sales, 8 million. 6 on ps4 and 2 on x-box.

thrust279d ago

😂😂😂 at this guy, nice trolling tho 8/10 👏

jadedlove92278d ago

I could actually see that potentially happening.. Are you going to get the game??
I for one am and it can't come soon enough. I'm so hyped for it

michellelynn0976278d ago

I will play the heck out of it.

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