Little Big Planet: TGS 2008 Trailer

Be sure to check out this trailer from the Tokyo Game Show 2008.

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Why o why3537d ago

never gets old for me.. luv it

Lanoire3537d ago

Japan will eat LBP alive.

Agent VX3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Meh!!! After playing the Demo (Fixed for DeZimatoR - BETA) and being disappointed, I keep hoping that they show something new in these video's, but unfortunately, they don't and it looks like what you get, is what you get.

Just can't get past the boring gameplay, and these video's keep showing that there just isn't much to do besides create levels. Oh well, Fallout 3 and GeOW 2 will have to do.

IzKyD13313537d ago

"never gets old for me.. luv it"

lmao, me too, littula bigu planeta sounds awesome

Hershy9993537d ago

It's a beta, not a demo. Rent it after release then make your decision.

IzKyD13313537d ago

"It's a beta, not a demo. Rent it after release then make your decision."

don't waste your time, I doubt agent has a PS3 anyway

tetsuhana3537d ago

You've been sh!tting on everything PS3 from day one, so how can you be disappointed?

uie4rhig3537d ago

according to you 'LBP sux' and according to you all PS3 games suck.. yet the most suckiest 360 game (VIVA PINATA LMAO) is better than ALL ps3 games?

just die already will you? LBP will go for the 360's throat!!

thetan50003536d ago

That is why you are ignored by 79 people and counting...go to the troll zone>>>>>>&g t;>>>>> coz that's what you are.

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danielo3537d ago

Why does this not get featured on the mainpage?

St03537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

All news has to have over 50 degrees (the number on the left) before it'll be shown on the main page

pompeymassive3537d ago

This will probably get bought by Microsoft eventually. They are just buying their way to victory.

IzKyD13313537d ago

Sony owns the IP if im not mistaken

mfwahwah3537d ago

I bet you Sony is already working on acquiring Mm.

eric1003537d ago

i see reviewers giving this 10/10 all the way

Pain3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Now i just need a Job and i'm Set.

edit and is it just me or is the JP's levels going to be Sick and full of WIN.

eric1003537d ago

cant believe that u are trolling ihn the Game Zone and no one is reporting you

LBP will get better scores than all games on your x360?

boring? did u actually gears 2 cuz nothing is more boring than that

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The story is too old to be commented.