Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition for PC Shines in New 4K Screenshots Showing New Areas and Bosses

A new batch of screenshots of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition for PC shows the new features and areas in glorious 4K resolution.

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Vegamyster330d ago

I'm glad i waited, a lot of the added content looks like it fleshes out quite a bit.

Lon3wolf330d ago

Same as I have resisted a few times getting it on my PS4.

Eamon330d ago

To be honest, while there does seem to be quite a few additions, it's still the same story - and the story is one of FF15's biggest issues.

narsaku330d ago

Na. I don't reward people for double dippin.

Nintenzo330d ago

Just too bad the game feels like a claustrophobic emo fest.

Pantz329d ago

Gettin it for the Cindy mods