Where The Hell Is White Knight Chronicles?

For a game that's been dated Christmas 2008, it's odd that White Knight Chronicles is not playable on the Tokyo Game Show floor. Even odder because the game was playable last year. When asked why the game wasn't in playable form at TGS, a Sony rep declined to comment. Isn't it unusual for a title to be playable one year and unable the year it's getting release? Developer Level-5 hasn't exactly been open about the game. During the White Knight Chronicles Powerpoint event yesterday, the game's producer, Kentaro Motomura, remained tight lipped on key online modes like whether there will be voice chat or not. The game is supposed to be out in 2 and a half months.

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thor3572d ago

I don't know what they mean. It has a confirmed Japan release date, we've got tons more info and so what if they still want to keep some things secret? Maybe they haven't implemented voice chat but it's not a huge deal since a couple of weeks ago we weren't even expecting multiplayer at all.

Kotaku loves to hate.

sonarus3572d ago

Its kind of strange that the game isn't playable though. But the developers did say before TGS they are still working hard on the game and they weren't too sure if they wanted it playable.

Its still a level 5 game so i am pretty confident. Its going to be tough work for them trying to meet that Dec 25 release date

Lanoire3572d ago

*starts laughing uncontrollably*

Hahahaha. Where?

Right here, idiotic fanboys.

56k Warning. Have you ever seen anything more beautifull?
Fk FF13. Level 5 and WKC is where its at!!!


Rock Bottom3572d ago

So they remained tight lipped on key online modes...

I wounder what's this guy talking about for more than 2 min, while playing WKC's online mode?

Fox013572d ago

The game sucks so much, that Level-5 is trying to hide it. Just like what Rockstar did with GTAIV, if people had played a demo of that POS before it released, there's no way in hell it could have sold so much copies.

Look at the graphics by the way only diehard PS3 fanboys think this looks good. Even IU has better graphics

Lanoire3572d ago

They had 3 WKC presentation, including new trailer and information. They even had a open gameplay session.

You are clearly delusional. GTFO fanboy.

Montrealien3572d ago

Lanoire, enjoy the (other zone) you clearly don't belong here.

/on topic

I have faith in this game, it will be great. IT has interesting concepts and lvl 5 are a great dev. But I do agree, where is it? this close to release, it should be on the floor.

juuken3572d ago

Yes Fox, because you've played the game and you knooooooooow it sucks so much.
Unless you've played it, or you're working for Level 5, then I suggest you hold off your snide remarks.

robotnik3572d ago

there's no quality RPGS on your beloved 360, get over it kid.

Sarcasm3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

This guy

> Every RPG Knight character ever created

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sonarus3572d ago

i hope voice chat makes it in for US release. I am not too worried though as long as its level 5

slave2Dcontroller3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

MS has it and is hiding it from everyone.

masterofpwnage3572d ago


can u imagine that.

cmon micro dont be childish and give them there game back

SaiyanFury3572d ago

An interesting point, but since SCE is publishing the game I highly doubt that MS has any hand in hiding information.

CEO of Troll Corp3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

That's because if they let biased journalists like you get a hands-on with it,you'd come back screaming to everyone how the lack of a gun with a chainsaw will be the downfall of the game

Shane Kim3572d ago

Hahahahaha, man that was a good one :D.

Internet Trolling Ex3572d ago

Good,Sony is blocking Kotaku from their developers

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