Dreams hands-on preview: Minecraft, meet your worst nightmare | finder

Media Molecule's upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive is a digital wonder waiting to happen.

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Thatguy-31035d ago

can't wait for the beta!! The game has soooo much potential. They should've introduced a mascot with charm to show off the title though similar to how Sackboy was used for LBP.

33d ago
VerminSC33d ago

So excited, I’m gonna buy psvr when this comes out.

THC CELL33d ago

Ps vr and mp will be patched in not a day one
But deffo get it to start getting hang of the game day one

THC CELL33d ago

Me and work had hands on this game
It's probably the best create engine like lbp halo forge

U can create anything the scale of skyrim to pong go wild

I have some very cool ideas

One of the guys at work started making a horror game that matches p. T and it was very good even after a hours play

trippyaaron33d ago

props, this article was hilarious
can't wait to get a ps4 just for this game