White Knight Chronicles Online Gameplay Demonstration

Get together with friends to take down massive bosses.

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ozsman3233d ago

Looks like its going to be a kewl game.

sonarus3233d ago

If only there was a translator:(

TheTwelve3233d ago

Why do they think I want to see the back of some Japanese dude's head?



CEO of Troll Corp3233d ago

It looks like something that would be impossible to do on the xbox,the Cell and Blu Ray have really shaped White Knight Chronicles into the most anticipated RPG release of this generation

Raoh3233d ago


can we get the footage from the guy that was holding the camera that actually stayed locked on the game footage?

other than that i keep getting more and more anxious to play this title.

i need a north american release date damn it.

Internet Trolling Ex3233d ago

Only on playstation 3 will you find such uncompressed visuals with AAA quality gameplay

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The story is too old to be commented.