PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 Console War: Unneeded Animosity?

PSX Extreme writes: "Has anyone else noticed a disturbing trend in the console war, specifically between PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 loyalists? I own both consoles, most people I know own both consoles, and if you're not familiar with the PSX Extreme readership, we are a diverse group that loves to play great games. Sure, we've got mostly PS3 fans, but we don't - and never will - tolerate the fanboy mentality from either side. But over the past year or so, it seems as if there's a huge amount of animosity between those who favor one side or the other, and I suppose my question is...why?"

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avacadosnorkel3537d ago

my system is better than yours because I paid for what I believe in

Jamie Foxx3537d ago

like,basketball,hockey football,golf why should gaming which is big business be any different?

its a fact of life

bomboclaat_gamer3537d ago

fanboys are low lifes. who need to be a part of something cuz they dont fit in. like nerds, and all

Sarcasm3537d ago

anti-anti-fanboy article fanboys suck more.

Then again, i somewhat agree. There should be more pro-gamer articles instead of anti-fanboy articles. Because it's like the anti-war protestors who are actually fueling War more than a peace rally.

The universe works in strange ways.

Fanboy Slaughter3537d ago

Anti-fanboy articles are great because it brings to light the stupidity of fanboys, and anyone that says anti-fanboy articles suck is...well...being a fanboy, and they're just mad about somebody busting them out.

IdleLeeSiuLung3537d ago

it is an anti-fanboy article until you realize the article isn't neutral and spews PS3 preferences... duh! That is just stupid....

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CEO of Troll Corp3537d ago

The problem is xbots represent mediocrity in the gaming industry,that's why nobody likes them

power of Green 3537d ago

I thought it had more to do more with 360 fans simply wanting to be left alone when it comes to being in piece to discuss 360 related news (Truth being part of the discussion)

morganfell3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

The 360 is hardly mediocre. I have had 4 and they have all been below mediocre. Calling them that is an insult to the mediocre.

My latest 360 is a HALO Edition bought when they launched. The Play and Charge kit that was included was dead on arrival. The battery was useless too. So MS sends me a new one 6 weeks later. Well it lasted...a year.

My HALO edition has been locking up lately. Yesterday I plug up the Play and Charge kit and power down the console. It should charge the controller and then turn off. 8 hours later it is still on. Neither of the spare batteries I have will work now and I don't know if it is the 360, the Charge kit, both batteries or all 3. Wonderful piece of below average hardware. Trash from MS, just trash.

And as far as POG complaining about PS3 fans coming into a 360 thread:

Just another example of him being a smelly, hypocritical, piece of garbage.

Internet Trolling Ex3537d ago

I thought we all came to the conclusion that xbox owners deserve to rot in hell

Ogrekiller3537d ago

You thought wrong.
It was PS3 owners that were concluded to be best suited for hell. Vote was passed 2735 to none.

power of Green 3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Are the same trolls(always commenting around the same time amoung other give aways)

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