Lootboxes Are Awful But Can They Be Done Well?

Colby Tortorici looks at whether there are any loot boxes that can be done well.

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corroios329d ago

NOOOO. Enough. Getting stuff by playing the game is the right path. lootboxes are a new cancer coming to videogames, because, mainly, of the free to play games....

Tross329d ago

If they don't cost money, sure. I mean it, not even with the option to buy them. If players get them periodically for playing the game, and only through playing the game, that could work. There would still be a luck factor, but mathematically speaking, the more someone plays and the more Loot Crates they collect, the higher odds they would have of getting something great. MMOs have thrived on that concept for decades now.

Making people pay money to get them however, in a game people already paid money to buy, is a practice that should be condemned. Unfortunately, I think double-dipping on the consumer's dime is the only reason they were brought into the online multiplayer sphere, especially with shooters. Companies like EA weren't trying to make the experience more interesting. They were trying to cheat their fans out of more of their hard-earned cash. As long as that's the mindset behind them, Loot Crates and online games should be treated like oil and water.

TheCommentator329d ago

Agreed. IMO, the rumored Avatar Loot Boxes from MS are an example of Loot Boxes done well because:

1. They are only cosmetics for your avatar that show "achievements" in a unique way.
2. They do not offer any advantage in games.
3. They are free rewards.

xX1NORM1Xx329d ago

Yea they can make it cosmetic only and dont charge for them also dont tie them to progression and they can be fun rewards and help keep people in the game.

TargusX329d ago

No. Ban them. From everything!