UGO Interview: Dustin Browder Spills on Starcraft II…It's Going to Be a Trilogy!

UGO writes: "Dustin Browder, lead designer on Starcraft II is a true gamer. And my criteria for that is admitting you play Dungeons and Dragons, in case you were wondering. (He plays the new version and describes it as "tasty goodness") I spoke to him just moments ago about the highly anticipated Starcraft II and we've got all the goods for you. It's going to be a trilogy guys! Trilogy! He also told us that Robin Williams was a fan of Command and Conquer! Who knew?

UGO: Can you us all the exciting info you released today at the panels?

Dustin Browder: Well, we announced today that we're going to launch a Starcraft trilogy. Three games. So there's going to be a Terran campaign in the first game, there's going to be a Zerg campaign in the second game, and a Protoss campaign in the third get all three races for multiplayer, but for those three games you have just the one race for each campaign. We make a little exception in the first one. We have a little Zeratul sub-campaign inside that campaign. You sort of play from his perspective."

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