UGO Interview: Designer Cory Stockton Talks Wrath of the Lich King

UGO writes: "Are you a crackhead? I'm talking about World of Warcrack...Warcraft, of course. The expansion pack Wrath of the Lichking is due to be released soon and if the beta test is any indication, people are going to flip out over this one. I just took a break from the Blizzcon floor at the Anaheim Convention Center to speak to lead level designer Cory Stockton about the brand new hotness from Blizzard.

UGO: Tell us what's new and exciting in Wrath of the Lichking.

Cory Stockton: Well, we're constantly putting things into the beta...we're still adding things. Isn't that crazy? (laughs) And there are still things we want to put in. But I think the biggest feature would obviously be the Death Knight. As far as things that people are most excited about, we've had the same classes since 2004. This is our first new one, and you don't have to level it up all the way from the start. You start at level 55 which is a big deal for a lot of players. They're really excited about that. That they'll be able to start right off. They start at level 55...into the Burning Crusade expansion, but we're increasing the leveling rate there. By 30%, or something like that, so it will be faster to get through...and then separate from that we've introduced destructible buildings and siege stuff, which is all over the game, which I think is really cool, because when we announced it, we were only going to use it in PvP. But now we're using it in quests. You get to blow things up."

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