UGO: Infamous Preview at TGS 08

UGO writes: "Today, I had a chance to see a play-through of Infamous, a gritty open-world action game. The folks behind this title love their modern superheroes. From the players first tussle, Infamous channels Frank Miller, Escape from LA, and Crackdown. It's quite the appetizing concoction.

We were treated to "Blood Trail," a mission that capitalizes on the superpowers of Cole, our hero. Cole survived a devastating explosion that left thousands dead and him with a supernatural ability to control electricity. In "Blood Trail," these superpowers allow Cole to follow a "ghost" of previous events by reading the electrodes off an NPC's brain. For example, if a man was murdered, Cole can recall that man's previous actions and follow his ghastly silhouette to unravel the mystery."

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thewho3537d ago

Infamous is PS3 exclusive.