UGO: Wii Music Preview (or, How I Learned to Like Nintendo's Music "Game")

UGO writes: "Ok, so back at E3 I managed to do a little disservice to Nintendo's foray into the world of music. I called the game out for not being a game. At its heart, Wii Music is a simulator, not a challenge that pits players to earn a top score or a rank somewhere on a leaderboard. Wii Music is all about creating music and expressing yourself through tunes that you're already familiar with.

But I have to call out Nintendo for failing to point out some of the finer areas of Wii Music at E3, areas that will ultimately appeal to the non-jazz-musicians in the crowd. Before we thought the game was merely about fiddling around with the Wiimote (and occasionally the nunchuck) to bust out some notes along a pre-recorded track. In essence, it felt like all my gesticulations only managed to play a note that could work in the Zelda theme (or Mario Bros. for that matter). But it left me wondering, "Where is the depth in this title?'"

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