UGO: Prince of Persia Prince at TGS 08

UGO writes: "'Natural' has become a phrase you paste on labels to increase a product's value. 'Natural' is the new 'home grown,' 'country fried,' or 'hearty.' Yet, Prince of Persia reinvigorates the term 'natural' just as I expect it will reinvigorate the PoP franchise. Prince of Persia is 'naturally' right in so many ways.

The game feels like a natural fit in your hands. Having had no experience with this addition of the series, I was impressed with how combos and acrobatics seemed to string themselves together, well, naturally. While the player always maintains control, it is the touching character animations and graphic flourishes that both give the game heart and connect one move to the next. Whether you're helping Elika off a ledge and she plops into your arms or her constant grasps for your hands everytime you near death, the game enjoys flirting with your emotion. Stringing you along just like it's numerous combos. I know, big words for a videogame, but PoP hit me in that sweet spot only Team Ico seems to understand."

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