Let’s Judge David Cage by His Work, Shall We?

Kyle Bradford at GameSpew: Amidst reports of inappropriate behaviour at Quantic Dream, David Cage responded by asking people to judge him by his work. So we did.

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UCForce337d ago

I will leave this here : it’s up to people decide. Even Co CEO have also talked to EuroGamer about this controversy.

336d ago
UCForce337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

@Brian765542 The last article that you updated. Because EuroGamer just updated another one. Here :

Edit: UPDATE 15TH JANUARY: “This article previously translated a passage of a French report to say Guillaume de Fondaumière was accused of "pushing kisses" on staff at parties, but the translation is incorrect, as de Fondaumière himself later pointed out to me. After further consultation we have a more accurate translation. The accusation revolves around the common French greeting of air-kissing when two people meet. Guillaume de Fondaumière is accused of making more contact with his kisses than is considered appropriate.

Guillaume de Fondaumière went on to tell me: "Please note I categorically refute all allegations, in particular 'hitting on staff'.

Quantic Dream also formerly issued a statement yesterday evening in response to the reports. Guillaume de Fondaumière shared the statement on Twitter.“

So please, @Brian765542. Just add another update of your last article.

Switch4One336d ago

Without making any judgements, the article brings up at the very least some interesting points.

bluefox755336d ago

I'm a fan of his work. The games are not for everyone, but I really enjoy them.

Segata336d ago

I think his "games" are crap. Pretentious badly written wanna be films by a person who has no understanding what "cinematic" means. Hey, at least we can expect a short-haired woman to have sex in Detroit most likely. It's been in everything practically he's done.

UCForce335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

“Games” ? I would say his games. My point always stand that definition of gaming is everything. Gameplay is always come first, but it’s also the tool for developers to use whatever they need and want. Let’s his “games” be games. Let’s The Last of Us be games. Let’s Uncharted series be games.

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