Nielson weekly scan : Blu Ray sales jump 145.6% thanks to Iron Man

Blu ray and DVD sales ratio stood at 13% : 87% respectively. Around 700,000 copies of Iron Man blu Ray were sold for the week ending 4th October 2008.Iron Man on DVD sold around 7.2 million copies. Iron Man has now become the most sold Blu Ray title in just the first week of its release

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CEO of Troll Corp3538d ago

Thank you mr.kutaragi for ensuring microsofts downfall occurs due to the brilliance of the playstation 3 and its respective technologies

cow moolester3538d ago

Yes because Kutaragi developed Blu-Ray?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3538d ago

I got the 'Iron Man' Blu-Ray the other day but it don't work in my xBox 360??? HELP!!! ;-D

Sir Ken Kutaragi(the Real one) = GENIUS!!!;)

Sena Kobayashi3538d ago

like you would have enough money to buy a 360 you could hardly afford your PS3 fa99ot. And how many BJ did you give kutaragi to get the right to use his name ?

jams_shop3538d ago

Sir Ken Kutaragi I thought you were smarter that blu-ray discs don't work on Xbox lol

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3538d ago

Well the guy at 'GameStop' said the 'xBox 360' was a Next-gen Console so i thought it must play Blu-ray Movies to!!! ;-D
Silly me;)

p.s It makes a nice SMOKED Bacon tho!!! ;-D

dukadork3538d ago


you forgot to poop on it ;DDD

Pain3538d ago

Thank you Crazy Shoots for the Moon Wanting the best not mediocre Ken Kutaragi !!!

Lanoire3538d ago

I am a doctor. I can help.
What are the symptoms?
Is it flashing red lights?

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eric1003538d ago

just accept it and move on everyone.
This is just IRON MAN sales

imagine DARK KNIGHT and Batmobile

sonarus3538d ago

Blu ray prices are coming down pretty fast. By next yr they should hit 200 easily. All movies are coming out on blu ray now but if blu ray is to be successful it can't lean on ps3 alone. Those stand alone players have to sell

whoelse3538d ago

Next week there will be articles saying how Blu-ray is failing because their sales are going down!


poopsack3538d ago

but, but, bluray will die!

Aclay3538d ago

It seems as though Blu-ray is fueled largely by big movie releases. The Dark Knight will be more than enough to set Blu-ray on fire this holiday, and I'm sure Indiana Jones The Temple of the Crystal Skull next week and the Incredible Hulk movie the week after next week will do very well on Blu-ray too and set more Blu-ray records.

IzKyD13313538d ago

don't forget the LOTR Blu Ray

Nathaniel_Drake3538d ago

I'm thinking the Star Wars Blu ray, is going to sell a lot, for me especially episode 4, 5, and 6

nnguyen3173538d ago

Everyone knew Indiana got raped that day. =*(

UltimateIdiot9113538d ago

There was nothing we can do... ='[

boodybandit3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

I am waiting on the trilogy of LOTR on BluRay.
Do you know the date for it?

Iron Man is incredible on BluRay. The bass output from this movie should be added to the list of reference DVDs for HT enthusiast to showcase their subs. Mine was on fire during this movie. I was rattling dishes in my kitchen.

lawgone3538d ago

Good point. There are some movies that people don't care if they look pristine and others that they do. I mean, do you care if Ferris Bueller's Day Off is Blu Ray rather than upscaled DVD? Most wouldn't. But Iron Man, Batman...I think we all prefer the sharpest pictures possible for movies like those.

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