First day sales in Japan (10/9)

Ameblo via VGChartz is reporting that the first day sales estimates in Japan on October 9th, 2008 as follow:

Macross Ace Frotier (PSP) 55k 90k (Total Shipment Available)

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will113353d ago

Nigeria exports more blood diamonds than that!

green3353d ago

Wait a minute mister...We Nigerian's don't have a diamonds.

CEO of Troll Corp3353d ago

Playstation dominating the charts as usual

Irishrocket693353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

What game is that?

sunnygrg3353d ago

An anime based game. I hearted the anime, hope the game is good too.

Pain3353d ago


a Anime to smart for Americans.

air13353d ago

first day sales from vg? they cant even get the month sales right these ppl need to just go away.