Graphic Video Games; Do they desensitise real life violence?

This article talks about the use of violent video games in modern-day society and what effect it has on children, young people and gamers in general.

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PhoenixUp308d ago

There are so many mediums that portray violence, it’d be ridiculous to single out video games

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2pacalypsenow307d ago

No, I still sometimes feel sick to my stomach when I see real life gore, compared to a video game, real life just has a different effect. At least to me

FlyingFoxy307d ago

Right, but it can likely effect kids at least somewhat because they have impressionable minds, that's why age ratings are a thing. Try telling a screaming kid that a horror film is fake for example, not going to help much is it?

Parents still buy adult stuff for their kids, so that is a problem for immature minds.

quent307d ago

not in the slightest, I've seen someone on live tv announce that he was going to shoot himself right there and then and he did it in a calmly way while telling everyone around him they shouldn't be scared his not going to harm anyone and he just wants to end is life bc of his own guilt

He then proceeded to pull a gun from a paper bag put it in his mouth and pull the trigger, no over the top violence or brain matter flying everywhere, just a persons life force fading away and his head slowly lowering

That shook me to the core more then any MK video game, seeing a real person fade out like that.. our brains/instincts knows the difference when it comes to the real thing

Ittoittosai307d ago

Considering, and this is general statement but none the less accurate, they've spent the last 30yrs studying that and have found it doesnt, why ask such a click bait question? Oh right click bait.

BrianOBlivion306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Yes, I too have been studying this subject for more than 30 years and I can conclusively say that no, video games do NOT desensitize players to real-life violence.
I have murdered many, many thousands of NPCs in myriad ways over the course of those years and yet, I STILL can not even watch C.S.I. because it's just too horrifying to me. I still have to cover the screen with my hand when gory stuff is happening in the movies.
I usually just quickly skim the news headlines because I have difficulty if I think too much about some the terrible stuff that goes on.
I wish video games could desensitize me just a little... and this is coming from a guy who had a rough youth and more than a few fistfights.

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The story is too old to be commented.