Shacknews: Mirror's Edge Interview: Producer Nick Channon Talks Time Trial, PC Delay

Shacknews writes: "The Time Trial mode in Mirror's Edge (PC, 360, PS3) is self-explanatory. It takes some 20 sections of the single-player game that are ideal for racing, breaks them down into several additional checkpoints, and scores you on your time.

A red-hued ghost mode can be turned on, providing some direct competition as you race through the level. It's the addition of this ghost that really allows the mode to shine.

At one point, rather than simply climbing up a stairway, my ghost opponent vaulted up an I-beam and wall-jumped its way past me. I spent the next few minutes attempting to master the ghost's move, and having a lot of fun at failing miserably. Users will be able to share ghosts, as well as download the ghosts of the top online leaders."

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