Dragon Quest Builders. The Nintendo Switch version looks just as good as PS4 Pro.

Dragon Quest Builders turned out to be quite a good competition for the extremely popular Minecraft. Thanks to recently released Demo verison for Nintendo Switch we can check how the game looks compared to PS4 Pro version.

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SegaGamer6d ago

No it doesn't, the differences are quite clear to see.

Neonridr6d ago

please enlighten us on what's different? They look like the same feed. Please tell me what I am missing

ImYoonA6d ago

Not the other guy, but I also see the difference immediately watching that clip... I mean its good but it's not the same.

PhantomS426d ago

It's such a minor difference and nearly unseeable. Just trolls mad that the Switch can hold nice visuals and not 4bit pixels like they think it is in their head. Granted DragonQuest Builders is very simple graphically but it's still a great looking game and holds up amazingly on the Switch.

SegaGamer6d ago

Watch the video from 1:40, it's much easier to see the differences when it is switching from the switch to ps4, the detail is a lot clearer on the ps4.

Neonridr6d ago

@SegaGamer - ahh.. so maybe some slightly sharper textures. I guess it's like a whole new game now?

luckytrouble6d ago

There are fairly obvious differences in the fact that the Switch is clearly running the game at a lower resolution. Textures are a bit more muddy, edges aren't as smoothed, and the world as a whole is simply less sharp in a noticeable way. I mean, even the fade outs are a little jumpy on the Switch version.

Are any of these differences crippling? Not at all. This will still be a fun way of taking it on the go for those who don't own a Vita. Like many other ports to the Switch though, if you aren't big on the portability aspect, you can find a better version of the game elsewhere. Nothing against the Switch. Just different needs for different audiences. To say there are no differences though or that the Switch version looks just as good as the PS4 version is definitely a lie.

StonieWylder6d ago


Why is it that you and other people immediately call someone a troll when they tell the truth?

SegaGamer6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


What the hell is your problem ? I wasn't saying it was like a whole new game, just pointing out that the title of the article is incorrect. Stop being so defensive about it.

dragonyght6d ago

few missing object and detail

sigrid5d ago


"I guess it's like a whole new game now? "

I expect to see you saying this in every X comparison thread from now on.

WickedLester5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I have the PS4 version and I downloaded the Switch demo to compare and I agree with him. For starters there's more aliasing in the Switch version. I noticed it immediately. It also has poorer quality textures compared to the PS4 version.

Don't get me wrong, the Switch version is perfectly fine and Switch owners should absolutely play it because it's a great game. However to say it looks just as good as the PS4 version is a lie.

Neonridr5d ago

@sigrid - well I don't have an X (only a PS4 Pro) so while the X version may look better, it won't affect me.

at the end of the day we are comparing 2 consoles that aren't even in the same league. And if all we can ascertain out of the comparison is that the Pro version has slightly sharper textures, then that means players of any version will be getting the same great game.

@SegaGamer - you are right, I didn't mean for that to come across so cross, I apologize. Your statement made it out like they were completely different games. You also used the word differences, indicating there were several variances yet texture clarity seems to be the only real difference in these videos. Also, I am not sure if the landscape is procedurally generated so it's hard to compare everything since we aren't looking at exactly the same images in some cases. The devs were obviously happy with the game and felt they didn't need to push anything extra on the PS4 Pro version.

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GottaBjimmyb6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Yea, anyone claiming to see some kind of "clear" improvement is just full of BS. Obviously that doesn't mean the switch is even close to PS4 pro's power, but why in the hell lie about seeing "clear" differences when at best, there are microscopic differences, and frankly, might not be any differences at all other than resolution, (which is less noticeable thanks to the poor textures) most of the differences noticable, are just due to the random nature of the landscape.

Point is, the differences are not clear, and this comparison really has nothing to do with either consoles power, more with the fact the game just isn't too power hungry.

SegaGamer6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


Don't call me a liar, just because you can't see the clear differences, that doesn't mean the rest of us can't.

The funny thing is, i wasn't boasting or anything, i'm not a fanboy like most of you lot on here, i was just pointing out the inaccuracies of the article's title. It's funny that people like you have a problem with what i have said (which is a fact by the way) over the title of the article which actually IS a lie.

septemberindecember6d ago

The differences are quite negligible, to be honest. It's not like this is a very hard game to run though.

Ghost_0f_Tsushima6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

PS4 Pro looks better as it should but Nintendo Switch holds up incredibly well.

Aceman186d ago

It's not like the game was graphically intensive lol, but they did a good job on the switch version.

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UKRsoldja6d ago

Next up: 8 Bit Tetris looks and runs OK on Nintendo Switch!

6d ago
quent5d ago

Maybe it can be the ps4 pro's first native 4K title ?

moegooner885d ago

" first native 4K "

Wanna make a joke ? At least check your facts beforehand, don't wanna come off as an idiot.

UKRsoldja4d ago

I don't get your post. Ps4 pro does have full native 4k titles..

Movefasta19936d ago

Builders isn’t exactly taxing the PS4 now is it? Let’s see how dq11 looks on the switch

3-4-56d ago

* Switch is slightly blurrier/fuzzier. PS4 Pro is more Crisp.

Notice they compared a PS4 Pro and not a regular PS4. I'd be interested to see if there is any difference.

both look great.

shuvam096d ago

Don't forget the Vita version...
It looks even better on that beautiful OLED display :)

Segata6d ago

Vita does have a nice screen but Switch beats it. Better DPI and higher resolution.

Loktai5d ago

The colors on the original OLED (non revision with the normal lcd) are better than the switches screen, but everything else as you said, resolution etc is higher on switch.

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