Xbox 360 Continues to do Well in Japan: What Does it Mean?

Britney Zilz writes:

"The Xbox 360 has once again beaten out the Playstation 3 in Japan. This has been a continuing trend in the Japanese markets, ever since the 360's price cut a few weeks ago. Though the Wii and Nintendo DS have more than double Microsoft's sales, the fact that the 360 is moving forward looks promising. But what does it mean for Microsoft and gamers?"

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LightningPS3PS33423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Microsoft is pulling all the stops in Japan, price cutting and spending all sorts of money to get all these RPG's like:

Star Ocean 4
The Last Remnant
Tales of Vesperia
Infinite Undiscovery

The result is 360 outselling PS3 by 1k a week.

The idea that 360 is suddenly taking over Japan is so blown out of proportion.

And by the way, if Microsoft could get FFXIII in Japan, obviously they would. But it was the only game absent from their booth, instead FFXIII is reportedly gonna be showcased at the Playstation hall.

So wishful thinking by the XBOX 360 fan who wrote this article.

LightningPS3PS33423d ago

If Sony doesn't wake up soon, anything can happen. I'm already very worried whats gonna happen in Europe and North American with the prices the way they stand right now.

Breakfast3423d ago


xbox is the best.


Emmo3423d ago

This report was too biased the fact that he used this line "Though I do think it’s safe to say that they’ll stay on top of the PS3 for quite a while." shows it.

Any reasonable 360 owner knows that the PS3 will sell tons when WKC and FFXIII comes out.

@ Lightning PS3PS3
Just thought I would point out that is was last week that the 360 beat PS3 by 1k the previous weeks were 2.5k, 6k and 20k. 360 is getting closer to where it needs to be, but I cannot see a way it will beat the PS3 on a permernant basis. They would have to get FFXIII and I do not see that happening in Japan.

Lanoire3423d ago

Now whats going to happen to all of us!


Back to topic. Stop fking blow things out of proportion. A 1k margin is pathetic. And Sony's holiday line up in Japan is HOME, LBP and WhiteKnightChronicles.

360s holiday line up is Last Remnant in Japan.

Emmo3423d ago

@ Lanoire

WKC will indeed be massive, but I think you are going to be dissapointed at LBP's performance and HOME is just a beta.

I think you are forgetting that apart from Last Remnant, MS has Fable 2 and it is going to sell well. Fallout 3 is going to sell on the 360 too.
GTAIV is going to sell well on both systems, better on the PS3.
Please do not ignore 360s NXE and Avatars either.

360 is in the race now in Japan.

CrazzyMan3423d ago

x360 sales:

Media Create Sales: 09/08 - 09/14
Media Create Sales: 09/15 - 09/21
Media Create Sales: 09/22 - 09/28
Media Create Sales: 09/29 - 10/05

PS3 sales:

Media Create Numbers: 06/09 - 06/15

Death3423d ago

You would have to be blind to not see that sales for the 360 are coming down, but they are still more than twice as high as they were before the increase. For the month of September sales were 53,547 for the Xbox 360 and 33,071 for the PS3. That is over 20,000 more Xbox 360 sales than PS3. For Japan, that is impressive. I don't think anybody expected Microsoft to beat Sony a fourth week in a row, but they did, even if it was only 1,000 units.

To put things in perspective, Sony has owned Japan for the past decade over two generations of consoles. Microsoft has had almost no presence there. Today Sony's lifetimes sales for the PS3 in Japan is 2 million compared to Microsoft's 3/4 million. You have 2 options, either Microsoft is doing awesome in Japan having almost half of the market share Sony has or neither is doing well.


Megatron083423d ago

I dont think FF13 isnt out of the question for 360 in japan. It take no time at all to port it to the 360 and its still a year off. If MS can keep the sales up and show SE that it be worth while to release it on the 360 then I think that they do it. I think the 360 needs to break the 1 million mark maybe even 1.5 for to show SE that it could be worth the time and money to port it to the 360.

RemmM3423d ago

Its the GAMES that make the console. Its been proven with the PS1 and PS2.

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CEO of Troll Corp3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

It means sony let microsoft experience a month of success in japan,god knows microsoft need some success what with their shares plummeting and xbox adoption rates tanking as well:

Internet Trolling Ex3423d ago

That is a kickass picture,it represents the agony xbox 360 owners feel every time they switch on their xbox-only to be greeted by the 3 lights of victory for us ps3 owners

thekingofMA3423d ago

you're talking to yourself

CEO of Troll Corp3423d ago

If you watch the evening news,you'll see a little scroll bar at the bottom of your screen.

When you see 'Microsoft shuts down entertainment division',please dont be alarmed.It's inevitable.

Internet Trolling Ex3423d ago

Absolutely correct,if microsoft continue to fail at this rate,they may just end up being bought by Sony

LeGenDx3423d ago

we got some characters on this forum huh

avacadosnorkel3423d ago

3rd party games have always been the tilting point for a console.

Nintendo have always made games but when they lost the 3rd party (N64 and Gamecube) they fell off.

The original XBOX was a better performance system than the PS2 but it didn't have the 3rd party support like Sony had.

Now apply this theory to this gen and you'll see the end result today...
Nintendo has the most 3rd party because it's cheap and easy to make games for...(1st)
360 is 2nd with 3rd party and it's going to stay that way until MS releases the next XBOX....(2nd)
and Sony was on top for so long they thought they could do it again by themselves.

If that doesn't make sense to you and you are slow look at it like this - 3rd party games are the movie games...Resident Evils, Tomb Raiders, Final Fantasys, etc.

1st and 2nd party games are never movies.

hfaze3422d ago

Are you trying to say that Sony doesn't have third party developer support for the PS3? LOL...

Sony may be losing third party EXCLUSIVITY on games, but other than Ace Combat 6 and Beautiful Katamari, I can't think of any other previously Sony exclusive titles going exclusive for the 360.

avacadosnorkel3422d ago

and all the RPGs that the 360 is showing right now about to be released.

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